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Welcome to Ask God Today Ministries! Join us as our team uses words, wit and wisdom to travel through scripture and challenge you beyond life’s circumstances to grow deeper with God. 

 God takes the ashes of the fires we go through and turns them into beautiful stories of hope. — Brenda McGraw

Discover Joy, Peace and Love Through the Truth and Hope of God’s Word.

Sharing Your Faith Made Easy

Why Easter?

This month our team will walk the streets of the past to
help us all understand a little more what happened in those
days long ago. Jesus and His disciples experienced one of the
most amazing events in the life of humanity.

Beginning with Jesus in the Temple through His arrest, His
charge, His death, burial and resurrection.

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Have a wonderful Easter!  
Brenda and the AGTM team

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God Today’s Mission Statement is simple:

It is our desire to educate and demonstrate to others how to: Study God’s Word, Pray God’s Word, Love God’s Word and Live God’s Word by sharing Hope and Truth! To Him be the glory!

What Do We Do with Jesus?

What Do We Do with Jesus?

I wanted nothing to do with Him. How could I? After all, I was having fun. My parents didn’t know Him. Most of my friends didn’t care about Him. I didn’t understand Him and I couldn’t party anymore if I followed Him. So I . . . REJECTED Him! At the age of thirteen I...

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Accusations—Jesus Before the High Priest

Accusations—Jesus Before the High Priest

As we optimistically wait for Easter Sunday, we find ourselves focusing on Christ’s crucifixion and resurrection, as we should. Good Friday and Easter Sunday capture our hearts because the former is the day we died to sin with Christ and were resurrected with Him to a...

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Jesus Knew His Betrayer Judas

Jesus Knew His Betrayer Judas

Jesus was about to be arrested and He knew it was going to happen. He knew who had betrayed Him and knew the terrible persecution He was about to face. Jesus predicted His death several times to His disciples. In Luke 18:31 Jesus took the twelve aside and told them,...

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Joy Beyond, 28 Days to Finding Joy Beyond the Clutter of Life
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