When God Forgives It Is More Lavishly Than Expected

When God Forgives It Is More Lavishly Than Expected

 A few years ago, it came to my attention that my actions, though well intended, had offended and caused an extended family member to respond in an extremely angry way.

They ignored my attempts at communication until I was finally able to face them in an attempt to humble myself and seek forgiveness. My desire to demonstrate kindness toward yet another family member had sparked a storm of (more…)

How Much Do You Really Love Me?

How Much Do You Really Love Me?

Children, aren’t they the greatest!

Having been a parent now for thirty-three years, I can truly attest to the depth of love that exists in this relationship. Everything we did was with our son as he was growing up, and, oh, how my heart would ache when we would try to go to a place as a family outing and discover that children were not welcome! We would be accepted gladly, but not our child. Needless to say, we didn’t go back. We figured if our son wasn’t wanted, neither were we! Love me, love my child. (more…)

Have You Found True Love?

Have You Found True Love?

True love, ah, it is what we dream of as children, as we listen to fairy tales with happy ever after endings.

It is what we truly believe we are experiencing as we slip the note marked check YES or NO in our second grade class.

True love is what you thought you found when you were asked to dance at your first middle school dance.

You were certain it was true love during your first kiss and on your first date.

Certainly true love was that summer fling, high school sweetheart, and college romance.

True love may have become reality for you when you vowed to spend forever with your spouse or when you held your baby for the first time.

Maybe you haven’t yet experienced true love for yourself, but your understanding is derived from observing other people’s romantic relationships and watching sappy chick flicks with your friends.

It is safe to say we all have our own definition of what it means to find “true love.”

Merriam-Webster defines love as a noun: a feeling of strong or constant affection for a person. (more…)

Can You Proclaim What You Believe?

Can You Proclaim What You Believe?

It takes guts to share your faith, doesn’t it?

Many times I have heard people say, “I am sharing my faith by the way I live my life; I don’t have to say anything about Jesus.”


Well, if we are all sharing our faith just by the way we are living our lives, will anybody ever believe in Christ? Will they see us reading our Bibles? Will they see us praying? When we feed or clothe the hungry and naked, will they be watching?

Chances are the answers to these questions are (more…)

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