Big Joy in a Big Storm

Big Joy in a Big Storm

By Christy Pearce

stormYou know what gives me BIG joy?

Days when the blue silky sky stretches as far as the eye can see, donned with white, fuzzy, cotton candy clouds. When the sun’s glittery rays are so bright they stretch down and cradle my cheeks in warmth. When the grass gently sways to and fro at the beckoning of a soft breeze . . .

Yeah. I fill my chest with the sweet, cool air and exhale a sigh of adoration for all the glory that surrounds me.

He is amazing. Just contemplate all He has done. All He has made. Then, to top it all off, He desires to relate with us—He loves us with a love so far beyond the grasp of our thoughts. He sent a Savior to atone for our wickedness.


Job 12:10 says this:
In his hand is the life of every living thing and the breath of all mankind. (ESV)

Every breath we breathe is ordained by Him—even the one that we willfully ingest, filling our lungs with the sweet air on a sunny day.

But I am not always overcome with gratitude for how God sustains my life. Sometimes I am full of complaints and fear. I just wish God would do stuff the way I want Him to. (more…)

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