Person of Interest, Corie Clark Podcast Interview

Person of Interest, Corie Clark Podcast Interview


I had the great honor to chat with Corie Clark, the author of the recently released book, “The Simplicity Project.” We discussed ways to simplify your life and find time for the things that are most important. Corie Clark lives in Southern California with her husband of 17 years and three children. Corie enjoys homeschooling her kids, writing, blogging, drinking coffee, and soaking in the salty air at the beach. She is passionate about helping people find their purpose and truly live it to its fullest.

Check out this video with Corie!

I have included some excerpts from our conversation:

Me: “What is the story behind your book?”
Corie: “I really needed to simplify our lives and create margins so that I had room to actually fulfill my purpose and that is where “The Simplicity Project” was born, out of that desperate need.”

Me: “Corie, what does “simplicity” mean to you?” (more…)

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