The Gift that Keeps on Giving!

The Gift that Keeps on Giving!

the gift thatkeepsgiving
What would you consider your favorite gift? Something that no matter who gave it to you, would never disappoint, but would bring a smile of joy and immediate gratification.

Your favorite gift is probably different from mine, because we all have different tastes in styles, fashion, desires and wishes. Trends change quickly, and something you want may be out of style before you ever even get it. Remember when Capris came out (or should I say were popular again)? The 1990’s. My mom used to say, “If you hold onto something long enough, it will come back in style again.” At that time in my life I had been married for about ten years or so, and life was difficult with two small children and never enough money. When this cute new style came out and everybody started wearing them, I wanted a pair. However, I never had any money leftover from week to week to buy them.

Do you ever feel left out?

I have many times. Whatever the new style or fashion is, the cute boots or scarf you (more…)

Four Tips for a Stress-Free Holiday

Four Tips for a Stress-Free Holiday

Do you already feel the stress of the holidays? Don’t panic. It happens every year to most of us. We know it’s coming and yet we let it slip up on us, then say, “Next year, I am going to be better prepared. This won’t happen again.”

Here are four tips to thrive rather than just survive the season.

PRAY. God doesn’t want us overwhelmed to the point of exhaustion. The best way we can overcome stress and enjoy the “season to be jolly” is by praying and staying close to the Lord. Start your morning with coffee and Jesus. They go well together and will kick-start your day. Life is just plain better with both.

PLAN. Schedule what needs to be done. Write a to-do list. It doesn’t have to be complicated. Pull out your calendar and look ahead. Start early! No time like the present!

A few things to add to the calendar this month:

1. Clean the most necessary areas of your house. Don’t sweat the small stuff. Just pick up, pack up, and put away. De-clutter!
2. Remove (more…)

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