5 Reasons, More Precious Than Rubies!  Part II

5 Reasons, More Precious Than Rubies! Part II

Benefits of Wisdom , Cont’d from Part 1

Do you have a situation you need God’s wisdom? Ask God to give you wisdom and discernment. Read on and find out how.

I shared 2 benefits in my previous post “More Precious Than Rubies”. Here are 5 more.

3. God Guards You

What path are you walking?

Where is your life going?

God guards the paths you walk down. He keeps you from harm by watching over you. He defends you, as a guard would defend someone they are guarding.

“He guards the paths of the just and protects those who are faithful to him.” (Proverbs 2:8 NLT)

4. Righteousness

Do you need direction or guidance to help make a decision?

When you seek God’s wisdom it leads you to a life of righteousness. You are able to discern the difference between right and wrong. You are able to understand (more…)

2 Reasons It’s More Precious Than Rubies

2 Reasons It’s More Precious Than Rubies

Do you own any rubies? Do you have a ruby ring, or necklace? I don’t own any ruby stones but they are beautiful and are the vibrant color of red. It is the birthstone for July. I didn’t know much about rubies until I read a scripture again and thought I would see what I could find out about this precious stone.

“She is more precious than rubies; nothing you desire can compare with her.” (Proverbs 3:15 NIV)

Precious Rubies of the Bible

Why are rubies so important and how are they so valuable? (more…)

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