Shake it Off and Clear a Path

Shake it Off and Clear a Path

Way In, Digging Deeper into God's Word

Way In, Digging Deeper into God’s Word

Welcome to 2015 and hello from the Ask God Today Ministry Team. Today is the first day of our “Way In” challenge. Thank you for joining us.  Here is the link to join the “Way In” Facebook group to keep holding you accountable this month.

Well, I can think of no better way to usher in 2015 than with the story of John the Baptist, and I’m so stoked to dig into this with you. Can I just offer a word of encouragement: read these passages for yourself? God’s Word is “living and active”; it’ll speak to you in ways it won’t speak to me. And we don’t want you to miss a single word. . So let’s dig in…Matthew Chapter 3.

Shake it Off and Clear a Path
by Wendy Duke

John the Baptist was revolutionary in every way. Instead of preaching in the religious centers of the larger cities, he brought a message of a coming Savior to the people on the margins, those “in the wilderness” who wouldn’t otherwise hear the good news (much like the angels’ proclamation to the shepherds on the first Christmas night in Chapter 2.). And people came for miles to hear from this rebel, clearly unconcerned with fashion or earthly comforts, but laser-focused in his mission to “prepare the way” for the (more…)

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