Person of Interest: Jared Easley, Video Podcast

Person of Interest: Jared Easley, Video Podcast

11147078_10153139506765873_7544179255206004391_nI want to introduce you to friend and author, Jared Easley. Jared is the founder of “Starve the Doubts” and was recently featured on and Huffington Post as the #1 emerging entrepreneurial podcast.

I hope you will take a few minutes and watch the video interview with him and welcome him in the comments.

Here are some of the highlights of our conversation:

Brenda: Jared can you tell us a little about yourself and share your story of your testimony and . . .”

Jared: I am a “wanttoprenuer” with a growing online business.

Jared is a best–selling author of the book “Podcasting Good to Great: How to Grow Your Audience Through Collaboration.”

Brenda: What exactly is collaboration? (more…)

Person of Interest: Nancy Kay Grace; “The Grace Impact”

Person of Interest: Nancy Kay Grace; “The Grace Impact”

I would like to introduce you to Nancy Grace. I met Nancy through an online writing course called “TribeWriters.” We have kept up with each through Facebook and Twitter. Nancy is having a baby! Yay. Congratulations Nancy. I say baby, when in all actuality it is a book.

We as authors nourish our books as we write them as if they are babies. From conception of the idea in our head, all the way to the birth and release day. Then we want to show our babies off. I am here today to help Nancy show her new little baby off.

So, please join me in welcoming Nancy as I share her new book with you called, “The Grace Impact.

Nancy, why did you write a book on God’s grace?

I have been captivated by (more…)

Person of Interest, Paul Sohn, Skype Podcast Interview

Person of Interest, Paul Sohn, Skype Podcast Interview


I have had the honor to interview Paul Sohn on my podcast and I would like to introduce Paul to those of you who may not know him. Paul is the founder of the “Salt and Light, Empowering Christian Leaders to Rise to the Top.” He has so much great information on his website at: Please take the time to stop by and check it out.

Paul shares his testimony with us on the interview. He was born in Korea and moved to the states when he was 3 years old. At about 9 or 10 years old he went back to Korea. Struggling with academics and having no hope in Korea, he made the choice to come back to North America and moved to Vancouver, attending a Christian private High-school where love was poured out onto his life.

In 2010 he moved to the United States. For more from the interview you can watch it here:

I have enclosed a few of the highlights from the interview here: (more…)

Person of Interest, Skype Video Podcast with Kimanzi Constable!

Person of Interest, Skype Video Podcast with Kimanzi Constable!

I am excited and very honored to introduce you today to Kimanzi Constable. Kimanzi is the author of “Are You Living or Existing.” He is doing just that. He quit his fulltime job and moved his family to Maui, Hawaii to live his dream. He is not only an author, he is an editor for the Good Men Project and a coach who is helping others learn how to live the dream God has called them to live. He is a writer for The Huffington Post, Entrepreneur Magazine and the Good Men Project. Kimanzi shares some great teaching with us today on how to build your website, how to increase your email list and how to live doing what you love. Please welcome Kimanzi by either leaving questions you may have for him or let him know how much you appreciate his time with us.

Kimanzi’s book is available here:

Here are a few of the highlights you will hear on the video:

Brenda: Can you share a little about your backstory, how you became a believer in Christ and when you surrendered your life to the Lord?

Kimanzi: I accepted Jesus as my Savior in May 1994. I was the last person in my family to get saved. The Holy Spirit spoke to me and told me “It’s time.” I got saved young. Went to a Christian school. I rebelled and was away from the church ten years.

Going through that I took a horrible job delivering bread at midnight. It wasn’t so bad when I was 19 but as time went on and it was pretty rough life, especially with getting married and having young kids. Many struggles, trials, fights and money issues.

In 2011 it all came to a boiling point.

Brenda: Tell us a little bit about when you started writing.

Kimanzi: I didn’t feel like I had anybody I could talk to so I turned to writing, to get it out of my head and get it on paper…but I never thought it was something I could get paid for. (more…)

Person of Interest, Brooke Lynn Video Podcast Interview

Person of Interest, Brooke Lynn Video Podcast Interview

I am excited to introduce you to a friend and author, Brooke Lynn. Brooke has just written and released her book, Raised by Strangers. It’s now available on Amazon and Barnes and Nobles. Please get a copy. I promise you will not regret reading this book.

“A book is just a handful of paper, the message inside is what I pray God uses to change hearts and lives!” by Brooke Lynn

Please join me in welcoming Brooke to Ask God Today and for her willingness and transparency as she shares her story of being kidnapped as a child and living a hard life of abuse by strangers. Brooke has found her strength through God and has a heart to help others find the healing that only Christ can bring. She has also recently released a 30 day devotional called, Inspiring Faith available on Amazon.

Podcast Video Below:

From the interview:
Brooke says: “I was five years old and I found myself in church because a bus came around the neighborhood to pick us up, called the “Joy Bus.” I was sitting on the carpet with the other children and watched a little demonstration of Jesus on the Felt Board. At the end of the teacher’s talk, she asked if anyone would want to invite Christ in their heart and I raised my hand and asked Him in and He has been there ever since.”

Brenda: “Was there a full surrender at that time or did you have a point in your life where you strayed a little bit, being so young?”

Brooke: Well, there was probably a couple of times in my life where I strayed from God, in a sense where I wasn’t behaving like a Christian. But there was never a time in my life that I haven’t felt the presence of God or that He was with me.”

Brenda: Can you share a little bit about when you were kidnapped and your backstory?

Brooke: “My mom kidnapped my brother and I (more…)

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