Pause to Pray and Praise. What if You Weren’t Waking Up at Home Today?

Pause to Pray and Praise. What if You Weren’t Waking Up at Home Today?



Pause to Pray and Praise
by Brenda McGraw

Do you believe in miracles? Do you sometimes look through the eyes of the world and are skeptical that maybe God doesn’t really exist? I do believe in miracles, but have also skeptically looked at things through my human mind.

Today, it’s Christmas Day 2014. Merry Christmas from Ask God Today Ministries. 

What did Santa bring you? Did you get what you wanted? Are your kids leaping with joy? Isn’t it exciting to see someone shrill when they open the gift you gave them?

As we wake up on Christmas morning excited about the day, watching the kids anticipating what Santa brought, opening presents and seeing family and friends, we still need to pause to pray. We need to pause long enough to praise. As I recently heard a friend say, “We need to invite Jesus to the party.” We tend to leave Him out and He is often an afterthought. We need to pause before and during the party to pray and praise.  HappyBrithdayJesus

I didn’t really want anything special this year. I am far more blessed than I ever have been or deserve to be. I received what I wanted when my husband came home for Christmas after being out of the country for six weeks. He is home and he is my very best friend and that is a Christmas blessing to share my time with him. But there are many who aren’t going home for Christmas or won’t be spending the night with family.

What if we weren’t waking up at home this morning?

There are a lot of people who are waking up homeless, without (more…)

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