Faith In The Shadows

Faith In The Shadows

Today I want to introduce you to another friend and author, Dave Arnold, who I believe you will be excited to meet and follow! Please connect with Dave on his website and you can get his Free E-Book called “Made to Soar.” Dave Arnold destiny_manifesto_ebook_cover-232x300I had the privilege to make a small editing contribution in his book before it was available. Hold on tight and remember this name, because I am sure you will be hearing it again in the Christian genre. Please help me make Dave welcome today by leaving him a comment at the end.

We love the mountaintop, don’t we? Mountaintop 2

At least I do.

This is why we typically go on a retreat, or attend a conference, which, of course, are wonderful things.

As a result, we usually come back home with our faith soaring. And often, those shots of spiritual adrenaline (more…)

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