Mothers and May Flowers, How These Memories Match

Mothers and May Flowers, How These Memories Match

By Ann Cooke

rose-bloom-320842_1280When I think of the month of May, I automatically think of Mother’s Day. The freshness of the month lends itself to being the perfect backdrop to celebrate mothers, for it’s in this month that the spring flowers showcase their blooms.

I just love flowers! Daisies, daffodils, tulips, irises and roses are some of my favorites. Seeing these spring up in the neighborhood yards thrills my soul. My mother also loved flowers. She would have us kids outside with her, tending to her flowers and yard. I must have gotten her “green thumb,” for I find myself wanting (more…)

Shattered Memories

Shattered Memories

Hello to all of our readers at Ask God Today Ministries. I just wanted to let you know that we have decided for the month of May and June we will be posting on Monday, Tuesday and Friday. Occasionally we will post on a different day but are going to try to keep this schedule for all the post from our fabulous writers.  We value you and don’t want to overload you with too many emails. We would love to hear your feedback on this. Please leave us a comment and let us know your thoughts about the new schedule.

We want to wish all the mom’s out here a very Happy Mother’s Day on Sunday!

Thank you!
Brenda and the AGTM team

Shattered Memories

by Brenda McGraw

Shattered Memories2It was Mother’s Day. We went to church and came home to start preparing for a visit from our children, my husband’s mom, and all her sisters and their families. I had only been part of the family for a few years.

I had been praying about and pursuing a relationship with my husband’s family and his three children, and it wasn’t always easy, but we were adjusting. I knew God was in control and I had decided that I would just try to be myself and not force myself on them. I loved being a mom and had birthed two children of my own. However, when you marry someone who has children from a previous marriage, it is never easy. Society has made it even more difficult and adds the word “Step” in front of mom. It’s almost like a dirty word.

Over the years my relationship with (more…)

What’s Better Than a Sticky Note?

What’s Better Than a Sticky Note?

by ALisa Casas

Sticky NoteSolution Without a Problem

Did you know that when Arthur Fry created the glue that is used on sticky notes, he called it his “solution without a problem” because while it was unique, there was no recognizable use for it (Post-it note, Wikipedia)? It would take nearly ten years to develop what would come to be known as the Post It or sticky note. It would take another several years before the public caught on to the myriad of uses for sticky notes.

Did you know that sticky notes are strong enough to keep a family in motion?

When your family is going in four different directions and (more…)

Lessons My Mother Taught Me

by Anastacia Maness


A picture of Anastacia with her mother, Janie, taken by her father just a few years ago. 😉

“Mom, what does @%#!!! mean?” I asked as I entered the house after school.

There are certain things mothers just shouldn’t have to hear, especially from their young, just-learning-to-read child, and the word I blurted out was one of them.

“Where did you hear that?” my mom replied.

“It was written on the school bus window and the kid that wrote it wouldn’t tell me what it meant.”

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