Do You Have A Mama’s Boy?

Do You Have A Mama’s Boy?

My baby is 19.  It almost seems impossible because Clay 2 wasn’t he just born yesterday?

Time really flies in this world and before you know it, you have grown up.   You have children and then they grow up.   You then start having grand kids.  It happens just that fast.

“Life is like chasing after the wind,” like Solomon says.

What we do only lasts for a short time and then we are gone.  We never know when that time here on earth will be over.  I want to leave a legacy.  I want to make a difference.  I want my kids to make a difference.   Don’t you?

God chose me to be his mom.

Wow! As I reflect on my son, it’s his 19th birthday. I am honored to be called “Mom.” Personally, I think that I am an excellent choice. : ) He has brought love, hugs, laughter, joy, and did I say love and hugs into my life? I love that boy with all my heart. He has made me very proud and puffed up at times, and sad and disappointed at other times. But, that is just a part of raising kids. From the time he made his entrance in this world (which was 8 days early) he was laid back and nothing really bothered him. He would sleep until he would wake up and then go right back to sleep again. As an infant he never cried unless he really needed something and was an easy baby.

He still is not easily angered.  When growing up he tried to help his friends realize, there is no sense in arguing, because it doesn’t get you anywhere (especially with your parents, except on restrictions).

He grew!

As my baby grew into a little boy, he always loved (more…)

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