I was Finally Forced to Carry the Cross Too

I was Finally Forced to Carry the Cross Too

As they were going out, they met a man from Cyrene, named Simon, and they forced him to carry the cross.” Matthew 27:32

“Till death do us part.” Those were the words of a 19-year-old girl getting married to her high school sweetheart on August 30, 1980.

“YES,” I said. I can do that. I vowed to love and cherish in sickness and in health, not realizing that one day my marriage would actually die and I would be (more…)

Accusations—Jesus Before the High Priest

Accusations—Jesus Before the High Priest

As we optimistically wait for Easter Sunday, we find ourselves focusing on Christ’s crucifixion and resurrection, as we should. Good Friday and Easter Sunday capture our hearts because the former is the day we died to sin with Christ and were resurrected with Him to a new life. Not many people think about the events that led up to Jesus’ death. Jesus was betrayed, arrested, put on trial, falsely accused and convicted, then sacrificed by His own people. I would say that very few of us can identify with anything Christ had to go through to fulfill our Father’s plan. I have never (more…)

Jesus Knew His Betrayer Judas

Jesus Knew His Betrayer Judas

Jesus was about to be arrested and He knew it was going to happen. He knew who had betrayed Him and knew the terrible persecution He was about to face. Jesus predicted His death several times to His disciples.

In Luke 18:31 Jesus took the twelve aside and told them, “We are going up to Jerusalem, and everything that is written by the prophets about the Son of Man will be fulfilled.”

They didn’t understand. When John, Peter and James followed Jesus to the Mount of Olives, He said to them, (more…)

Truthfully, We are not Decorating this Year!

Truthfully, We are not Decorating this Year!

We have always purchased and decorated a tree the day after Thanksgiving, but not this time.

Truthfully, we are not decorating this year. I know. WHAT? We are in the middle of moving into our fixer-upper and there are many details yet unfinished and more boxes from storage than I remembered still needing to be unpacked. I haven’t even found my Christmas stuff yet!

Twenty-seven years ago, Mike and I celebrated our first Christmas together and purchased a tree that was bigger than we had decorations. I had grown up with colored lights and an artificial tree. He had grown up with a live tree and white lights. He won my heart and how to decorate a tree that year and love was the garland and grace that filled our tiny apartment.

This year, we moved from our house to an apartment and then into our new-to-us house and have not, to date, even thought about a Christmas tree. Even though it has been our tradition to always decorate the tree on Black Friday, it is not happening this year. We may get one when the furniture is finally in place and the house in a semi-state of order. If not, it will be OK because I have learned that grace is the garland of love that fills our lives and the faithfulness of our God never ends.

In the middle of our mess and messy lives and finding what our new traditions will be in our Empty Nesting Season 2, where is the presence of peace? When the presents, packages and bows are put away, will we have experienced the presence of Jesus? When the lights are entangled once again on a shelf and stored away, will the Light of Christ be shining outwardly from within my heart? Will joy be untamable? Or will the cloud of too much to do and unrealized expectations hide the truth of peace on earth and in my heart? Will the presence of Christ permeate each day or will the Light of the World within me be dimmed by depression, doubt and another holiday gone by without the gift of Sabbath? Will surrender shine like a radiant beam from His holy face to mine?

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How to Practice the Presence of Jesus:

  • Be Intentional
    1. Create space on your calendar for reflection, grace and love.
    2. Read the Christmas story out loud to yourself.
    3. Appreciate God moments as they come.
  • Be Honest
    1. With yourself: what is realistic?
    2. With others: what is realistic?

Tip: It’s OK to gracefully decline and say no to some things, even family.

  • Be Still and Quiet
    1. Turn off the noise, social media, TV, etc.
    2. Take time to breathe, take a nap, rest.
    3. Be grateful for His perfect presence.

I am preparing now to practice the presence of Jesus in my heart and mind. I am planning now to talk with Hunky Hubby about our future, which includes daughters-in-love and a baby girl next year. So much has changed in our lives this past year that I find myself wondering how I will navigate this new season. One thing is sure: Christmas trees are not required to cultivate faith, family and home or to practice the presence of the peace of Christ.

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Challenge: Will you stop today to ask God how you can practice the presence of His peace during this busy season? How can this busy time of year be simplified?

Question: What has God whispered to you in a quiet moment that inspires you to embrace His peace in the middle of a filled-up calendar? What is keeping you from trusting God’s promise of peace to you? We would love to hear your comments. 

If you are looking for a simple devotional, will you consider taking a look at my book? You can find it here or by clicking the photo below. 


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