Judging Jesus, Not Me.

Judging Jesus, Not Me.

Judging Jesus

I found myself judging Jesus long before I knew Him. 

I didn’t want to be a “Jesus freak.”

To judge by definition means to “form an opinion or conclusion about.”   I was forming my own opinion about a person, the son of God.  Crazy isn’t it?  To think I was judging God in the flesh. Who was I to judge Jesus?

He held out His hand to me and I walked away,

thinking I don’t want to be a Christian.  Thinking, being a Christian is no fun.  I wouldn’t be able to drink or party, because God has too many rules.  It just sounded too boring.  I thought, I’ve got more to do then sit around and read the boring Bible.  I don’t even understand it.  Anyway who needs Jesus?  I’ve got this. (more…)

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