Soaring High as an Eagle

Soaring High as an Eagle


My strength and life have failed me.

But, God never will. The song, “Wings As Eagles” by Phil Driscoll is the story we all live. At times, we are tired and weary. Life takes us places we wish we had not gone. We run and run, and never make it to where we want to go. Many times, we are running in our own strength. We wake up with our own agenda on our mind and head out the door without stopping, to even mutter a prayer to the Everlasting God. He is the God who created the universe, the stars, the mountains and the seas. He created all the living creatures and He created you and me.

My life was shattered when my first husband’s addiction to prescription drugs took him, our family, and me to places we didn’t want to go. Four years of counseling, rehabs and devastation finally led to divorce after 23 years of marriage. I was a new Christian, but I knew this wasn’t supposed to happen. Nevertheless, it did. I found myself all alone with two small children to raise. However, God is faithful.

I found peace, joy and strength through the Lord.

For a year and a half I bowed on my knees and cried tears of pain to God. (more…)

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