Abiding in The True Grapevine

Abiding in The True Grapevine

by Kaitlyn Pianella

The gardener cares for his small vineyard with immeasurable pride and joy. He spends long days full of planting, watering, pruning, and harvesting his prized grapes.

His hands are dirty, his brow drips sweat, and he occasionally pauses to nurse a few nicks on his forearms. His job is strenuous, but he never grows weary.


His heart is connected to what his hands have produced. 

The gardener plants the grapevine in the dormant season of winter, in a rich soil blended of sand, silt, and clay. He knows just the right time for plants to be received from the earth.

Jesus called Himself the true grapevine and referred to His Father as the gardener,


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