God is Good on Good Friday!

God is Good on Good Friday!

Judging Jesus

God’s Word is so full of love, truth, forgiveness, guidance, hope, peace, joy, grace and mercy.

He loved us enough to send His son, Jesus to die on an old rugged cross.

He loved us enough to show us His power through the empty tomb.

He loves us enough to forgive us for all our foolishness, forgetfulness and lack of faithfulness. He knows that we focus on the struggles in our life instead of putting our focus on Him. He knows we doubt and struggle with un-belief.


Have you made a promise to God to follow Him and yet you have not kept that promise?

He is a God of second chances. He is a God of grace and His mercy is new every morning.

You can find your strength through the struggle, when you place your struggle in the strong hands of God.

For years, I didn’t want to follow Him and thought I was doing okay, until I realized, I had no Savior, I had no Salvation. I had no possibility of heaven. I had no strength to keep going the way I was going. My struggle was more than my strength.

I needed His strength. I needed His salvation. I needed to know that my life here on earth would count for something. I needed to accept that Jesus was my only chance.

Who was I to think that I was smarter than God and ask Him to bring good things to my life when I wouldn’t even acknowledge His Son?

Who was I to think I could still go to heaven when I died, when I wouldn’t even believe and follow what He said in His Word?

My pride was bigger than I even realized. I had made God out to be this “genie (more…)

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