How Do You Know if God Has Called You?

How Do You Know if God Has Called You?

Welcome and hello from the Ask God Today Ministry Team. Today is day three of our “Way In” challenge. Thank you for joining us. Here is the link to join the “Way In” Facebook group to keep holding you accountable this month.

How Do You Know if God Has Called You?
by Brenda McGraw


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So what have you learned so far? As we continue into our third day from Matthew, I have gained so much already about the life of Jesus with a different insight from Wendy and Ann. Today, I am so excited to look at something we all question at times—“God’s calling on our life.”

Today’s scripture is Matthew 4:18-22 (please pull your bible out and read the verses). Jesus calls His first disciples in these scriptures. It amazed me when I first read this scripture while preparing for this message because it appears all Jesus did was say to Simon, Andrew, James and John, “Come, follow me and I will make you fishers of men” and these guys “at once, immediately” left what they were doing and followed after Jesus.

It made me reflect back to when I first followed Jesus. It took me a long time to finally (more…)

Just Write!

Just Write!

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I am participating in the ‘Writing Contest: You Are A Writer’ held by Positive Writer. This is my entry.
Just Write 2

In the fall of 2002

God spoke to me. Not audibly, but loud enough in my spirit I responded. It was our Global Impact Conference. We have Missionaries who are serving all over the entire world come for 4 days to our Church to share their mission stories. The last night, after a powerful message the pastor invited anyone who feels called to serve in Missions in anyway to come to the front. God didn’t call me as a Missionary. He told me “Brenda, I want you to share your story.” I went forward, prayed and lifted my calling up to the Lord and laid it down at His feet.

Here is an entry from my journal:


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