God Said to Stop Asking When

God Said to Stop Asking When

September 2015 was month three of the World Race for me. I had just spent the entire month in a small village in Cambodia and it was nearing time to move on to the next destination. My squad gathered together in Siem Reap for some development training and a few days of rest before we moved on, and one night my squad mate led a devotional and message for us. She handed out pieces of rice paper varying in color and had us pray and then write whatever came to mind and heart.

After about five minutes of writing, she prompted us to ball up our pieces of paper and have a fight with them. Whenever we picked up a piece of paper and felt like it was the one we needed, we were to (more…)

A Testimony: Spiritual Healing Replaced Fear With Love

A Testimony: Spiritual Healing Replaced Fear With Love

“The most satisfying aspect of composing a post is when God gives me the inspiration for what to write. I have such an urgency to start sharing the ideas. I experience great joy learning someone took the time to read it and benefited from the effort. I promised God that if He guides me in what to say, I will be vulnerable, honest in this public forum.”

A testimony of one of the Ask God Today Contributors:

Jayna Coppedge wants to be known as “A Woman Trusting God” because that is her new nature. Even as a Christian, fear of rejection, fear of the future, and fear of failure colored every decision she made. She was a diligent follower of Jesus and a church staff member for more than 15 years before she truly understood God’s unconditional love: “I taught about God’s grace without ever feeling God’s acceptance.”  (more…)

Freedom in Boundaries

Freedom in Boundaries

A school decided to take down the fencing around their playground. Even though there was now more space for the children to play, they wouldn’t go near the playground. At recess they stayed near the building.

It wasn’t until the school put the fence back that the children started playing on the playground again.

What happened?

It is because they felt safer with boundaries. Without the fencing they didn’t know how far they were able to go. They didn’t feel safe.

Children need boundaries.

As parents we set up their boundaries by giving them rules. We tell them what they are and are not allowed to do. We tell them where it is safe.

Within those boundaries our children are free to (more…)

Free to Soar

Free to Soar

by Kim Gunderson

“Higher!” I cried.

“Hold tight!”

Leaning in, my hands grasping his, my dad pushed me up as I balanced my little four-year-old body against his feet. I giggled and he laughed as he stretched his legs as far as they would go.

“I’m flying!” I looked down at my dad and saw his smile. It filled every inch of his face and reflected my own.

Suddenly, I twisted. Maybe from the giggling or maybe his feet hit my ticklish spot, whatever the cause, I lost my perch on top of his feet and toppled headfirst toward the ground. (more…)

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