A.D.D. Prayers! What’s Distracting You?

A.D.D. Prayers! What’s Distracting You?

Dear Father in Heaven…



How many times have you been praying and then before you know it your mind is wandering in all different directions? You start thinking about the things you need to get accomplished, what happened in the office today, or what one of your kids said?

  • Attention – Many things are grabbing for our attention
  • Distracting – Distracting us from praying with fervency
  • Diversions – Following diversions get us off track

I have laid in bed and had great intentions to pray and then my mind starts racing off, thinking about the things that have happened that day.  Before I knew it, I was waking up the next morning and apparently had fallen asleep without finishing my prayers.

ADD Prayers:

Prayers that have no particular focus because of distractions that take us off track.  (more…)

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