Where Did I Go Wrong?

Where Did I Go Wrong?

carpet pic

As a parent we try to teach our kids everything we know. But, I feel like such a failure at times. By 19 years old my son should know how to clean a spot up in the carpet, shouldn’t he? But yet, instead of using carpet cleaner he used Clorox Bleach. Yep, that’s right…spray bleach.

Ugh…now I don’t just have a spot of spaghetti in my office floor, but I have a little spot that is lighter than the rest of my carpet.


Yep, where did I go wrong? Haven’t I taught him better than that? Obviously, not.

Because there it is. A little white spot in the floor.

When we clean with bleach cleaner it may permanently leave a spot in floor.

When we try to clean up our lives without Jesus we may appear clean but it is not permanent. Jesus will clean up the dirty spots in our life and it will be permanent. He is the only One who can clean our lives up.

The beach wasn’t the right cleaner for carpet but (more…)

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