Seeds of Thought

Seeds of Thought

With the arrival of spring, I always start to think about my garden, what worked last year and what didn’t, what needs to be changed and, perhaps most fun of all, what new things I’m going to plant. Those new plants often come from seeds.

Have you ever stopped to think about the seeds that come from plants? Cut open a bell pepper in your kitchen and there are seeds. Take a bite of watermelon in the middle of summer and what are you likely to spit out? Seeds. Seeds are all around us, yet I suspect most of us don’t pay them much thought.

I often see the sidewalks littered with seeds that have fallen from trees. Maple trees can drop hundreds if not thousands of seeds. A single columbine plant no doubt produces thousands of tiny black seeds. And I would venture to guess that a hundred foot tall pine tree could have seeds in the tens of thousands each year.


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