A Reminder Just for Me

A Reminder Just for Me

By Trina Bresser Matous

A Reminder of God's Love

Eastern Towhee

I love looking at birds. God’s imagination must have been working overtime when He created them. There are so many varieties in amazing colors designed just for their habitat and food source. Summer and fall migration are some of the best times to bird watch because so many species are moving through the area. Many birds that can’t be seen any other time of the year can be found during migration.

Every year God surprises me with a fun new bird in my backyard. Several years ago I was delighted to see an eastern towhee, followed the next year by a veery and then an ovenbird. Last week I was thrilled to see a pair of Cape May warblers in the neighbor’s tree.

Like many birders, I keep a life list – a list of all the birds I have seen, along with when and where I saw them. Currently that list stands at 556. I also keep a list of birds I have seen in my backyard. This contains an amazing forty-two different species – and that’s right in the midst of urban sprawl.

Why do I do this? (more…)

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