Christy Pearce Speaks Out!

Christy Pearce Speaks Out!

Today, meet our writer/speaker Christy Pearce.


Christy says she has “fire in her bones” that God Himself put there. She has a passion for speaking out the gospel of Jesus Christ and you can’t get her to shut up when it comes to sharing biblical truth. Christy knows that this is not of her own doing and that all of this would be “foolishness” to her without God miraculously changing her heart by His Spirit. Christy is so thankful He has caused her to desire Him!

Let’s hear what she has to say:



Kaitlyn Pianella Speaks Out

Kaitlyn Pianella Speaks Out

For our readers: 

Hey Ya’ll!! I am one of the contributing writers with Ask God Today Ministries.  I answered God’s call to be a writer and speaker of His truth in love while using my spiritual gifts of exhortation and teaching 4-5 years ago. I have known Brenda McGraw, the founder of Ask God Today Ministries for a little over a year and a half. Brenda and I met at the church we attend in, South Carolina, Summit Church. She is an amazing writer, speaker, and leader. I am so grateful for how the Lord has chosen to use her for His glory in my life, and in the lives of many others.

If you have been following our posts over the past several months you may have gotten glimpses of my testimony. If you are new to Ask God Today Ministries I want to share a little more about the journey God has called me on through Jesus Christ.

I was raised by one (more…)

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