Are God and Allah the Same?

Are God and Allah the Same?

“Are the God of Christianity and Allah of the Quran the same, just different names? Why is there so much insistence that we must choose one or the other?”

BiblePerhaps one of the best ways to determine whether God and Allah are indeed the same is to look at what each says about various topics in the books that have been written in their names, the Bible and the Quran.



Christians believe Jesus is the Son of God. Along with the Holy Spirit, He is co-equal and eternally existing with God the Father. Because of God’s grace and mercy extended to fallen, sinful humanity, Jesus came to earth to be the perfect sacrifice that would allow humanity to be redeemed from sin. Faith in Christ allows Christians to experience eternal life.

For Muslims, Jesus was no more than a great prophet. He is looked upon favorably, but not believed to be God, God’s son or eternally existing. Muslims believed Allah raised Jesus to heaven, but don’t believe

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