Is Ministry Reserved Only For Holy People?

Is Ministry Reserved Only For Holy People?

By Trina Bresser Matous

Very often when we think of Christian ministry and ministering to people, we think of priests and pastors. In our minds they most definitely are chosen for ministry as they preach during service, perform weddings and funerals, call on the sick, counsel the suffering and provide assistance to the needy. Is that what is meant by Christian ministry?

According to the Merriam-Webster Dictionary, “minister” means to give aid or service. Notice that this definition says nothing about who and is all about what is done.

Two passages will help to clarify what it means to minister.

Minister Means to Meet People’s Needs

Matthew 25.31-46 is the parable of a king who separates his people into two groups. The people in the first group are invited to enjoy the magnificent inheritance prepared for them. Why? Because this group provided food

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