Do You Need More Joy?

Do You Need More Joy?

One of the many things we chase after as human beings is joy. I admit I seek joy just as much as the next person. Yet, as I’ve gotten older, and hopefully wiser, I have come to learn that I have sought out joy in the wrong places. No, I’m not saying I’ve sought out “friends (or joy) in low places!” But I have through the years looked to things or people for my joy.

You can’t find your joy in others. Other things, other places, or other people. If I only had this house, that car, or wore the right clothing. Or if I could go to this vacation spot, live in this area or have that job. If I could only marry this person, have that kind of family, hang out with those people.

Then. (more…)

The Most Perfect-Imperfect Christmas

The Most Perfect-Imperfect Christmas

As the team here at Ask God Today Ministries has been sharing some of our Christmas memories and stories, I’d like to share mine with you today. Let’s just say that this particular memory taught ME a lesson about Christmas from a three year old!

Listen in as I explain how that three year old impacted my Christmas so many years ago!

Hi I’m Tammy Karasek. I’m one of the contributing writers here at Ask God Today Ministries and as we are celebrating Christmas this month of December, we’ve all decided to share a little Christmas memory or story with you. And I’m happy to share mine with you.

I must confess that I’m a (more…)

Partner with Ask God Today and Do Some Christmas Shopping!

Partner with Ask God Today and Do Some Christmas Shopping!

STARTS TODAY! Would you consider partnering with Ask God Today — plus you can get a little Christmas shopping done…?

But first, we want to thank you for already being a vital part of our ministry! We would like to expand who/how we reach you and we need a little help.

Ask God Today Ministries is kicking off our first fundraiser to help raise money for…

Wait for it…

A Women’s conference in Summer 2016! We have a desire to minister to ALL women, ALL generations, and ALL cultures. With YOUR support you can help make this a possibility. 

The details are still coming together, but part of those details is in the numbers. We have to raise money for the many expenses, or the conference will not be possible.

How YOU can help

It’s easy to support Ask God Today by doing a little Christmas shopping online! And tell your friends-there are tons of great, cute products over at MixedBag.


If you would like to help, follow this link (or share it) , and shop! Make sure you see our number (507243) in the Fundraiser ID# so we get credit!

You can also add the referring participant’s name to give them credit for the sale!

The fundraiser is running for a limited time–from November 18-December 2. We were told all items should ship on or before December 16.

So, get shopping and help Ask God Today reach our goal for conference budget!

You can check out some of the reusable bags in this video:

Don't miss out and check it out here: Click To Tweet

We appreciate your help and support! 

If you have any questions or would just like to donate please ask us in the comments. Thank you. 

Brenda and the AGTM Team 

Harvest of Righteousness

Harvest of Righteousness

When I hear the word harvest, I immediately think of gathering.

Near where I live, farmers have been gathering the last of their grain to store up for the winter to come.

When I read the following scripture, I had to me stop and re-read it, as it wasn’t speaking about my normal thought of what a harvest would be.

“And a harvest of righteousness is sown in peace by those who make peace.” (James 3:18 ESV)

A “harvest of righteousness.” This expression made me pause to try to understand it more clearly. So I dug farther. I looked up the various definitions of both harvest and righteous. (more…)

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