To the Mom Who is Afraid of Not Being Enough…

To the Mom Who is Afraid of Not Being Enough…

By: Sisi Roose

To the Mom Who is Afraid of Not Being Enough…

You’re not enough. Don’t beat yourself up.

And as an adult daughter I don’t believe there could be a better gift you could give your kids. I know there are probably a lot of things you’re trying to do perfectly for your children. Feed them healthy meals, get them to Sunday school on time, cheer them on during their soccer game, help them with math, and give them driving lessons…you’re trying hard. But your trying never feels like enough.

So can I just take this moment to encourage you that if all you do is try your hardest in your relationship with God, you will have done the most important thing?

If you feed the kids McDonalds, and get them to Sunday school wearing two different shoes, and completely miss their soccer game, and grump at them during math, can I dare you to get up 15 minutes earlier the next day and spend some time with the Lord? Can I remind you that you can come before the Lord after a day like that free from guilt and in full confidence that you are still the best woman to mom your kids?

Your mistakes don’t disqualify you as a mother. In fact, I believe they make you more of one. How are your kids supposed to learn to live in an imperfect world if they always see you cruising through? No, your kids need to see you mess up, bring it to God, and try again. They need to see you trust that God can work all things together for good even when the world seems to be crashing down.

The two things I remember hearing most as I grew up were, “Mercy!” and “Jesus, help!”

You see, my mom wasn’t enough either. She knew it and she didn’t like it, but she knew that the One who was more than enough picked her to be my mom and the mom of my eleven siblings.

At five foot three inches and one hundred fifteen pounds, she’s a little thing. But Jesus in her makes her big and the wisest woman I know. Her love is imperfect and her patience runs out, but that didn’t stop God from using her to show me what perfect love looks like.

It looks like apologizing when you mess up. It looks like finding another way to fight for your children even though you’ve already been through five different reading programs. But most of all it looks like getting up at 5:00 AM no matter how bad you messed it up yesterday to seek Jesus’ face.And isn’t that what you want for your kids, too? To raise sons and daughters who, when they realize they’re not enough, run to Jesus, who is more than enough!

Life ebbs and flows. Sometimes it crashes us—your precious kids—on the rocks, sometimes it lets us float on a stream. It’s not the easy times we need you to prove that we can navigate and survive. It’s the hard times. The times we mess up and hurt the people we love.

Recently, I’ve been dealing with a lot of self-doubt, longing for marriage while praying about letting go of a relationship. It’s been hard. The I-wanna-give-up kinda hard. And you know what I’ve noticed myself whispering? “Jesus. Jesus. Jesus.”

My mommy taught me that when life was difficult and uncomfortable—when she was not enough. That’s how I know I’ll make it through, because my mommy did. She made it through when she called on the name of Jesus.

So, dear mothers, if you feel imperfect or like you’ll never be enough, can I just encourage you that it’s okay? Can I tell you your fears are true, but that’s where your greatest gift to your children exists? It’s in your imperfection and your inadequacies your children see you seek God. They will learn to call on the One who is more than enough when they are not enough, too.

Sisi Roose is the Founder and Best Selling Author of “Such A Time.”  She is known for her transparent stories and real-life application through which she not only infuses hope, but equips women with the tools to live a joyful and meaningful life at home, at work, and in their community.  Her favorite moments are spent sipping coffee with her mother in the early morning and laughing with one or all of her eleven siblings anytime of day!  You can glimpse her life on Instagram (sisi.roose) and facebook (Sisi Roose).



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