This month in America we celebrate the independence of America, and the many freedoms we enjoy as Americans. It’s cliche, but true freedom is never free. Many men and women have died to create and to protect the rights of American citizens.

God gives you freedom too. You have the freedom to believe in Jesus Christ as your Savior or choose to follow your way.

The simplicity of the gospel baffles many people. Others scoff at the way God chooses to accept believers. Why would God want people to follow him? Is he egotistical?

Until you choose to come into an intimate relationship with the Father, you may see Christianity as confining and a long set of rules to follow. However, this is the beauty of following Christ.

The Oxymoron of Freedom

There is great freedom in trusting and following Christ daily. Yes, there are expectations and standards our Holy God has set in place, but He gives us the power to be able to walk in His ways.

Sharing how following Christ is not confining is difficult to put into words without talking in Christianese. When I started drawing closer to God and taking my faith seriously is when God softened my heart. Things which would make me angry in a heartbeat before I was able to approach them calmly.

Am I always like this? No, some days are easier than others. I am human, and lack of sleep, food, and stress can make me more emotional than other times. God spoke to my heart in many ways. From reading the Bible to hearing others speak, I have learned how to draw closer to Him.

He wants a relationship with you!

The more time I spent growing in my relationship with Him the more, He changed the desires of my heart. I don’t always have to be right. I don’t always have to be in charge and lead a group at church or work. I have learned God has given each of us gifts, and when we use them as a way to honor and show Him love then others benefit. He does not expect me to be great in every area and wear myself down trying to please Him or others.

He desires to have a relationship with me and is more concerned about the posture of my heart than how many “good” things I do. You can do many good things in this life, but if you do not believe in Jesus Christ as your Savior then God is not your Father nor will you go to heaven for eternity.

Doing “good” things are good, but does not make you right with God. We cannot do enough to make us right with God. Only the blood of Jesus could make us right with God.

The choice is yours! 

God loves you so much He gives you the freedom to choose. You can choose to follow God or choose to follow the ways of the world. You can choose to believe the Bible is true or follow the beliefs of other religions. You can even choose no religion at all.

God does want you to follow a set of rules like a robot. He wants you to know him personally and intimately as you would your best friend. God is seeking you for a relationship for eternity. Not to take away your joy or deprive your life of fun.

You are worthy!

Living a life for him has brought me the freedom to be who He created me to be. I don’t  have to be what the world says I need to be. I do not have to prove to anyone my worth. I am worthy because God created me in His image. He created me with gifts and talents from Him. He wants me to succeed in His plans.

I seek God daily for wisdom and guidance. He doesn’t send an email of all the things I need to do each day. He presses upon my heart ideas to do, or how to help someone. He may put someone in my path to answer my question I had been praying about for months.

God speaks to us all differently. The key is simple. Spend time with him daily. This does not have to be a long Bible Study. Read some scripture, and focus on Him. Ask Him the burning questions on your heart. He is not trying to hide them from you. He wants you to seek Him, and He will reveal them to you. You will know they are His answers when you have a peace in your heart about the answers. 

Reflect on your relationship with Christ. 

How has God set you free?

Please share your story in the comments below.
Your story may help someone else.
Your story is important. 



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About Joyce Glass

Joyce Glass is a writer, speaker, a coach for writers & speakers, and lover of God's Word even more than chocolate! Her desire is to encourage you to walk closer to God, dig deeper in your faith, pray earnestly for God to teach you His ways, so you may serve Him right where you live and work. She has a passion to see you become healthy spiritually and physically. Her first published book is iNeed God ~ daily downloads for your heart. The next in the series is iNeed God ~ daily downloads for a Mom’s heart is being released in the Spring 2017, and she is currently working on her first novel as well. When we make time for God each day, we get the nourishment we need. When we feel better spiritually, we are able to focus on taking care of our physical body and the many other areas of health. God desires the best for us. Seeking Him first is best for all areas of our health; spiritual, physical, financial, and emotional.

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