I am a daddy’s girl through and through. I have witnessed horrible fathers and heard about them, but praise God for blessing me with a loving father and mother. They were not perfect, but they did many good things!  The most important one, they loved me. I never felt unloved or neglected.
My dad is not a big talker, but I remember doing so many things together as a family. He was always there. I could count on him. He is one of the few men I know would go to the store at 10 pm on a Saturday night to buy feminine products or pantyhose for his daughters or wife. What a great way to show love to your kids and wife!

The Best Gift From A Father
The most valuable gift either parent can give a child is T-I-M-E. I admit as a parent I struggled with spending time with my son just paying attention to him. However, this is what all little people crave. Even as an adult I love to spend time with my parents. As they age, I know our time is precious, and who knows how many more years or months we have together.
My favorite dads to watch are the ones who stop and pay attention to their child. They look them in the eye and are genuinely interested in what their child is saying. As a wife, one of the sexiest things my husband can do is be a great dad to our son.
Being a dad and father is a big responsibility. You carry a heavy weight on your shoulders often more than us wives realize. However, remember you don’t have to be a super dad to your kids. They just want to be with YOU!
As we approach Father’s Day this year, make T-I-M-E your #1 priority for your children!
T – Touch
Your child craves your kind touch, hugs, and shows of affection. Maybe your parents did not model this for you, but you can change the cycle.  Everyone craves touch, and it is an integral part of creating a healthy human being!
According to Psychology Today, “Scientists have confirmed what Bruce Springsteen professed in his classic song—everybody needs ‘just a little of that human touch.’ We all need human touch and loving affection at every stage of our lives for healthy emotional and neurobiological development.”
“Adults require human touch to thrive. Keltner says, “In recent years, a wave of studies has documented some incredibly emotional and physical health benefits that come from touch. This research is suggesting touch is truly fundamental to human communication, bonding, and health.” As Sharon K. Farber says, “Being touched and touching someone else are fundamental modes of human interaction…” ~ Psychology Today
I – Interest  
Be interested in what your child is doing whether you like or not.
Go to their baseball games even if they are the worst player. Go to their band concerts, and cheerleading competitions.
Get on the floor and build legos with them, or color a picture. Showing interest and encouraging them in their talents is a way to connect with your child. 
We have pictures of my grandfather having a “tea” with my little sister at a small child’s table.
M – Model 
You are the model for your son on how to be a father and husband. You are a model for the kind of man for your daughter to seek as a husband.

We are models for our children. They will pick up things by simply being around us.

When my son was young, and he would do something funny or sometimes bad we would look at each other and point as to who we thought he was imitating. I have to say when you hear your words coming from your three-yearold they become a mirror of the side you did not want to see of yourself. He helped me become a better person and mom by making me see my bad attitude or selfishness.

E- Educate
Educate your child on becoming a productive citizen in this world. Create a prince or princess by giving them everything can create a little monster as an adult. They may believe they are entitled to jobs, things, and money because this is how they were raised.
Teach them how to use money properly, have a checking account, and make proper use of credit and credit cards.
Show them how to work hard and find satisfaction in a job well done and not simply to be paid for a “chores.”  Show them respect, and how to give respect to others. 
Create memories with your children. Gifts are fun, and kids love them. However, your children will remember how you made them feel, and how much fun they had with you. God blessed you with children. Bless them with love and time, and all the other problems in this life will fade in the background. 
What is your favorite memory of your father? 
Please share in the comments below. 
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About Joyce Glass

Joyce Glass is a writer, speaker, a coach for writers & speakers, and lover of God’s Word even more than chocolate! Her desire is to encourage you to walk closer to God, dig deeper in your faith, pray earnestly for God to teach you His ways, so you may serve Him right where you live and work. She has a passion to see you become healthy spiritually and physically.
Her first published book is iNeed God ~ daily downloads for your heart. The next in the series is iNeed God ~ daily downloads for a Mom’s heart is being released in the Spring 2017, and she is currently working on her first novel as well.
When we make time for God each day, we get the nourishment we need. When we feel better spiritually, we are able to focus on taking care of our physical body and the many other areas of health. God desires the best for us. Seeking Him first is best for all areas of our health; spiritual, physical, financial, and emotional.

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