If you are a mom you have no doubt experienced regret over a decision you have made regarding your child. I regretted the day I grabbed the pink eye drops for my son and administered them. I wondered why the drops were coming out of the bottle so slowly when they hadn’t before. I realized it right as the first drop hit the white of his eye. I had put ear drops in his eye. Screaming ensued. I was sure I had just blinded my child. I regretted not reading carefully. My husband and I turned the shower into an emergency eye wash and rinsed his eye out. This is not an easy task with a toddler, but it all turned out all right. Still, I regretted what I had done.

When reading about the circumstances of some of the moms in the Bible, I can’t help wondering if they ever experienced regret over their actions.

  • I wonder if Sarah regretted sending Hagar and Ishmael to wander the desert of Beersheba over an incident of Isaac being bullied by him. Genesis 21:8-14
  • I wonder if Rebekah regretted encouraging Jacob to put fake fur on his arms to take his brother’s blessing. Genesis 27
  • I am quite certain Eve regretted listening to the serpent and eating the fruit because we know she and Adam covered themselves out of shame. I think she especially regretted it when she experienced the first pains of childbirth. Genesis 3
  • I wonder if Mary wished she had double-checked to make sure Jesus was with her and Joseph when they were leaving the festival when He was only twelve years old. Luke 2:41-45

The Bible is filled with what we would consider human, regrettable mom moments.

If you notice, in these real-life stories there is not a theme of a mom’s regret. There is no mention of Sarah asking other moms if she did the right thing to make her feel better, or Rebekah staying awake with worry and mentally beating herself up after she gave the green light on Isaac’s Biblical bait and switch.

The definition of regret is:

A feeling of sadness, repentance, or disappointment over something that has happened or been done.

I am not saying that each mom did not experience or feel regret. I am saying that I think there is a reason the author of our lives didn’t focus on it in the Bible. That’s because we have a place to take our regrets: Jesus. Our regrets were taken away when Jesus was taken to the cross. I wonder if Mary regretted seeing what she saw that day. If she did, it wasn’t for long because she also knew that He rose on the third day. 

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May we take heart and may any of our mom regrets be short-lived. May we remember that the sacrifice that was made for Jesus’ own mother was also made for us. He gave us the gift of being mothers and the gift of repentance for anything we sincerely regret. He must have known that we would all do something we’d regret as He gave us Biblical examples of women who were imperfect moms, but so important in His eyes. 

Know that Jesus has the power to take all of your regrettable mom moments, as simple as the wrong eye drops or even the ones that truly hurt your heart, for His good. He doesn’t want you to focus on your regrets, but on Him. I will never regret the moment I decided to follow Him.

Do you have a regrettable mom moment that you’d like to share?
Please tell me about it in the comments below.

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