What a time Jesus and His friends must have had traveling together!

Jesus moving seamlessly between leader and friend, speaker, teacher and preacher. Divine humanity wrapped up in One who delighted in everything He created and loved, especially these men who would go on to change the world and build the Kingdom of God.

I imagine the band of brothers laughed, talked, told stories of childhood adventures enjoying “man talk”. Can you imagine? They told their tales to Jesus who already knew, yet listened with amusement in His eyes to their banter as if He had never heard of their adventures before! What a time it must have been!

I dream of seeing the joy and laughter shining in Jesus’ eyes one day. Will He enjoy my attempt to tell Him how much I love my sons and the ones they have chosen to love? When I tell Him the joy overflowing in my heart when our first granddaughter was born, will He have tears of love in His eyes too?

Will He smile when I remember the day I asked Him to be the Savior of my life as a seven-year-old girl who had the audacity to imagine herself a princess? Will He laugh if I ask for cute shoes to wear with my heavenly garments? (It’s a princess thing!) I long to see Him face to face even though I, too, have betrayed my Lord many times. He has known me, yet He loves me. 

Judas, one of the twelve chosen disciples, was welcomed at the table the night of the Passover meal, he was welcomed every time Jesus went out to the Garden to pray. Judas enjoyed the same fellowship, friendship and laughter with eleven friends of the Lord Jesus Christ in the face of the One who loves the whole world.

 Judas was welcomed to grace. @DeAnna_Morris3 Click To Tweet

Jesus knew and welcomed him anyway because He loved Judas no less than He loves you or me or the twelve who built the Church.

Jesus knew Judas before he was formed in the secret place and loved him. Jesus knew Judas would betray him, yet invited Judas into the circle of world changers. Judas would deceive, manipulate, and devalue the gift of God found in Christ but was welcomed anyway.

Lean in. I want to tell you something:

Jesus knew we would betray Him, and He loved us enough to go to the cross on our behalf.… Click To Tweet

He welcomed us to His table of grace.

Amazing grace, how sweet the sound. His grace saved a wretch like me.

Jesus knows we will betray him over and again and He loves us with warmth and friendship anyway. Oh, the deep deep love of the our Lord!

Lean in a little closer…

He will never NOT love you.

Welcome to grace.

Happy Easter!
May your celebration be one of wonder, awe and joy!

Are you unsure if His grace is for you? Do you know how much Jesus loves you even though you feel far from Him right now? Please leave a comment or directly message us. We would be delighted to share the gift of grace with you here at Ask God Today Ministries. It is our privilege to serve you.



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