I never knew that God’s love for His son could be radically displayed on Earth until November 22, 2010, and again on February 5, 2013.

On those days my life changed forever. Life was no longer about just me. I began to look at things so differently. The day I became Titus and Ivey’s Mother was the day I wanted to shield them, protect them, guide them, and show them every day how much they mean to me. It wasn’t until recently that I knew how deeply the memories we’ve made were etched into my heart. I am so proud to be their mother.

It’s not always easy.

There are many days of tears and tough love displayed as discipline. It’s hard to see them sick and unhappy, but those days do come also. It wasn’t until recently that I realized each moment I have with them is precious and purposeful, even the hard ones.

That’s what a custody battle will reveal. The wonderful and the terrible moments are important. We are helping guide our children on Earth and the Lord has given them to us for only a time. I will never forget praying over my babies’ cribs and even during childbirth, as I was consciously giving my children to the Lord.

I didn’t realize that through the pain of divorce,
my heart would be tested as a mother
who sacrificially offered her children to the Lord.

Of course, it hasn’t been easy, but Jesus softly reminds me in times of doubt:

Do you trust me? Didn’t you give them to me? 
Yes, Jesus I did.

I consider the stories of Godly mothers in Scripture. Then I recall Jesus’ own mother, Mary. I wonder what it was like for her. She was foretold she was carrying the Messiah. She knew that He was not fully hers. He was the Son of Man. She was chosen to carry Him, raise Him, care for Him, and ultimately let Him return to His Father.

Was there ever a custody battle in her heart? Did her flesh want to cling to King Jesus as her son? Or was she totally submissive to our Father’s will? That’s hard for everyone. I assure you it was hard for her to watch her son be mocked, spat on, beaten, falsely charged, betrayed and executed. I’m sure it was hard for her to watch Him be put into an empty tomb. I’m sure there were also elation of watching the Lord draw people to His birth, His first steps, watching Him walk on water, heal the sick, raise the dead, serve humanity, and rise from the grave.

The Bible was clear on what Mary did.

But Mary kept all these things in her heart and thought about them often.” (Luke 2:19)

Lord, help me to be like Jesus’ Mother. Help me to consciously choose to trust Your will over mine. Help me to give my children to You on a daily basis. I want to be mindful that each moment with them is precious and purposeful. Help me to keep each precious memory of them in my heart and meditate in thanksgiving on them often. Thank you for Titus and Ivey.
In Jesus name,

What memories do you keep in your heart and think of often?
Please share in the comments with us.

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About Kaitlyn Grant

Kaitlyn Grant is a busy young woman after God’s own heart. She is a South Carolina native who enjoys the daily adventures the Lord guides her through as she is conformed more to the image of His Son. Her adventures include changing her toddler Ivey, while chasing her preschooler Titus, and wrangling her English Springer Spaniel Banjo. She works as a Cosmetologist Instructor, owns and operates her own Beauty Salon and is a Blogger with Ask God Today Ministries. Kaitlyn is confident in her purpose to speak Gospel truth in love into women of all ages using her God given witty sense humor and her spiritual gifts of exhortation, shepherding, and teaching. She is a board member of the nonprofit organization Mission Pura Vida that was created to support ministries that advance God’s Kingdom in Costa Rica. As much as she loves ministering in Costa Rica she is found regularly loving and serving her area of accountability.

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