Our trip to Costa Rica is one we will never forget or regret. Mike and I were celebrating our 25th Wedding Anniversary, the most adventurous trip we had taken in our married lives. My first time out of the country, venturing into a land where English is not the primary language, I wasn’t sure how we would manage. I only remembered the words for water and bathroom from High School Spanish Class. I wasn’t sure how the language barrier would unfold. Little did I know, the language God intended me to speak was one of praise and adoration for Him.

The following words were written in my journal after a day of adventures at the Rincon de la Vieja, a volcano tour complete with a zip-line adventure.

April 29, 2014

LORD, Today I trusted men who speak a different language to harness me to a cable so I could soar into the air to witness your handiwork. These men were all up in my personal space preparing me for a Tarzan experience through the jungle. I only did this to impress my husband. I am not the thrill-seeker, you know, and I like to know that I am safe. But as I soared through the trees with the birds and monkeys, I discovered what the free-fall of faith you have called me to actually feels like in the natural.

Today I realized what it feels like to free fall into the grip of your grace. 

Exciting, fearful, wonderful! A place of worship, awe. Trust.

My first zip was a mixture of fear, anxiety. My mind swirling with doubts.What if my harness is old, frayed, breaks? What if I am not secured properly to the zip line? What if I fall?

I could be mortally wounded. I could fall and end up with a tree stuck through my body. Will I survive?

All of my “what if?” fears swelled up and were about to overtake me as I confessed my fear to my brown-skinned, brown-eyed guide. “I am very afraid.” His reply was, “Do not be afraid.” Then he gently pushed into the air.


As I clung to the rope gasping for air so as not to hyperventilate from intense anxiety and painful, imagined outcomes of landing in the trees to never be found or rescued, never seeing my loved ones again, I was suddenly overcome with an entirely different emotion altogether. Awe.

Incredible AWE of who You Are, God. All I could do was praise You and weep as I flew across the jungle beneath me!

My ears had heard of you
My lips had spoken of you
My mind has not understood you!
O Lord, you are worthy!!
Mighty. Creative. Wonderful

All creatures of our God and king,
praise the LORD.
I praise you!!!

I wanted to stop mid air, between the platforms, so I could tell you how much I appreciate the beauty of your creation and the opportunity to witness a minuscule speck of a scene that was so completely different than any I had ever experienced.

Once on the other side of the longest and fastest zip-line of this adventure, the sight, the sound, the beauty, the quiet, the contrast!

We stepped off the platform for a moment or two to view the wonder of the mountainous ridge, covered in foliage, flowers, untouched by man’s desire to plow through and take over. The valley, the mountains, the sky, to our left. A family home and small gardening farm on the hill to our right. So lovely, pure, earthy, organic.

I wanted to weep! Sob. Writhe on the ground in lava ashes from the pain of not being able to fully praise, honor and exalt the magnitude of Your worth!

Woe to me. I am unclean.

I had not fallen. God had certainly gripped me by His hand and revealed more of Himself to me.

I realized, in the moment and later when I had time to process the day, the question at the heart of who I am and the heart of all who hear the call of God say, “Come, follow me” is the question of will it be safe, where will the journey take me, will I fall and fail in my walk with the Lord? His gentle reply that leads us all the way to His excellent heart of love for us is always the same and He has never changed.

 “Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid or terrified . . . for the Lord your God goes with you; he will never leave you nor forsake you.”
Deuteronomy 31:6 NIV

What is God leading you to free-fall into His arms of grace for today? 

What decision or circumstance facing you feels more than you can fathom? 

Are you anxious or fearful as you face the impossible? 

Pick one of the above questions and answer in the comments!

Today is a good day to simply trust God and let Him amaze you with His grace.

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De Anna is a pastor’s wife and ministry leader serving in various avenues in the church and community of Oak Pointe Church in Pelzer, SC. De Anna seeks to encourage and inspire others to Know, Live and Share God’s Love through The Word, Worship and Prayer. She has been married to Mike for 26 years and has the privilege of having three now grown sons and a daughter-in-love who are the absolute joy of her heart. De Anna enjoys great coffee while listening to the birds from the deck early in the mornings, the sound of the waves on the sea and leading others to worship through the Word and Song. Her blog is http://www.deannamorris.org/SimplyLife/
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