I am a Mother In Love

In the middle of life, love and living, Mike and I are trying to get our balance, learn to live in our new surroundings, while creating a new life together now that the nest is empty. We actually SOLD the nest and now we feel as though our feathers are scattered all over South Greenville County here in South Carolina.

When we said “I DO” we meant it. We still do. He is home, no matter where we lay our heads at night.

I was thinking back to our early years of married life.There was a whole year before we knew a baby was to be born. In those super-in-all-kinds-of-mushy-lovey-dovey-days we talked about growing old together and loving each other forever. I would look at him and be unable to imagine what he would look like when we were married for more than half of our lives let alone the fine lines, wrinkles and my very own map quest on each of my legs. The thought of growing old together was yet a romantic notion of life being perfect and always together.

And then, just like that, each of our boys grew up and moved out of our home. Our youngest son was married last year to the one he has loved since the seventh grade and I wondered how we arrived at being the parents of a son newly married. After raising three sons, I was so thankful to have gained a daughter-in-love.

And again, just like that, our oldest married the one who captured his heart this year and we gained another daughter in love. Imagine that? Two daughters gained in one year!

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I realize these beautiful women are not my daughters, but I want to demonstrate a mother who loves her sons well. I do not want to be a mother who rules her sons by manipulative, passive-aggressive ways that keep the family on tensely fragile eggshells. I want my sons to be boys who love their Mama, not Mama’s Boys who can’t keep Mama happy.

I want my sons to be boys who love their mama, not Mama’s Boys who can’t keep Mama happy.… Click To Tweet

I am choosing to welcome and embrace these lovely women into my heart. It is my desire to love them well simply because my sons love them.

Mike’s mother has been an example of what I hope to accomplish in this area. She never got in our business, didn’t try to tell me all that I was doing wrong as a wife and young mother. She simply loved me as if I had been in their family forever and it has always felt that I belong and I have never been treated as an outsider.

I am planning to be a Mother who is also in love with the ones my loved ones have chosen to be their life-partners. These boys have been the absolute joy, blessing and treasure of my life as a mother. Why would I want to mess that up by getting in the way of their love?

Are you a mother in the middle of raising little ones and can’t seem to imagine the day they grow up and become adults, walking into life of marriage and children of their own? The time to plan on how you will embrace the future begins now.

Three things I recommend for consideration if you are a mother of young ones:

  • Parenting is a privilege
  • Trust God for His perfect Love and Grace
  • You are not raising kids; you are raising Men and Women who will one day take their place in the Kingdom of God.
  • Parent with the end in mind.

Where are you in your journey of parenting today? Please comment below to encourage someone today.


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About De Anna Morris

De Anna is a pastor’s wife and ministry leader serving in various avenues in the church and community of Oak Pointe Church in Pelzer, SC. De Anna seeks to encourage and inspire others to Know, Live and Share God’s Love through The Word, Worship and Prayer. She has been married to Mike for 26 years and has the privilege of having three now grown sons and a daughter-in-love who are the absolute joy of her heart. De Anna enjoys great coffee while listening to the birds from the deck early in the mornings, the sound of the waves on the sea and leading others to worship through the Word and Song. Her blog is http://www.deannamorris.org/SimplyLife/
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