By Ann Cooke

“Just wait until you have grandchildren,” they said. “It’s even better!”

How odd, I thought. We were raising our beautiful boy and thoroughly enjoying it. Certainly nothing could be better than the joys of being a mother. Right?

Our son, Michael, gave us many enjoyable memories. We enjoyed every phase of his growing up days. We included him in most everything we did and he enjoyed being with family. We may have only had one child, but what a blessing he was. What could be better?

Well, as life goes, he met his love for life and gave us the best “daughter-in-love” we could have, who subsequently gave us four of the sweetest, funniest, craziest, and most loving grandchildren we could have possibly imagined.image

And guess what? They were right! In a way that is sometimes hard to explain, being a grandmother is a joy like no other. Now I’m called “Nanny” by Sawyer, eight years old; Lola, five years old; Jamison, four years old; and Oliver, eight months old, (although he only says “da da”). And I love it!image

I used to think being a grandmother meant I was just old. Ha. Far from it. @AnnCooke77 Click To Tweet

I feel so alive and energetic when I’m with them. Even when I am dog-tired, I will get up and play with them, walk with them and explore the outside with them. I truly treasure the time I have with my grandchildren at these tender ages. They are so teachable and trust me to tell them what’s right. I love them so!

The love you have for your grandchildren is such a special, indescribable love.

Here are some aspects that make being a “Nanny” so wonderful:

  • I’m more relaxed with them than I was with our son. We who are grandparents have “been there, done that” so we tend not to overreact when accidents happen or squabbles break out. Children don’t come with instructions, so it’s good to have someone around who can ease your fears as many older ladies did with me.
  • It’s such a blessing to see your son raising his son. It’s like watching him grow up all over again. And it’s kind of fun getting to say, “You used to do the same thing!”, knowing he is getting paid back for some of the angst he gave you. Ha ha.
  • I am blessed with a very sweet daughter-in-law who loves to include me in what she does with the kids. That makes me feel very special. We have developed a wonderful friendship that I truly treasure. She is truly a “daughter-in-love”!image
  • I get so many chances to share God with these four fun-loving kids! Pointing them to a loving savior is my favorite thing to do with them. (Proverbs 22:6) But not just in word. I love to help my grandchildren see God in nature, in people, in animals and in songs. (Pretty much everything)This helps them be aware of others, and realize life is not all about them only. You should hear them sing along with the songs on the radio in the back seat of the car. They are learning to worship! Even though Oliver is only eight months old, he gets so excited when they sing. Pure joy.
  • Being good grandparents means backing up the parents in their good parenting skills, not just giving in to the kids’ every whim and thus spoiling them. This is sometimes hard when they are so stinking cute! But this helps the kids to respect and treasure their parents, not question their rules and standards. We are to be another good example for them to follow.
  • I tend to listen more, having learned that their little minds don’t have the same reasoning capabilities as adults. This helps to find out their thinking process in a given situation and what must be done or said to help them learn right from wrong.
  • Hearing them shout, “Nanny, Nanny!” when I come in the door is the sweetest of sounds to me.

The love of a grandchild is the most precious kind of love! @AnnCooke77 Click To Tweet

Of course, I could go on and on as grandparents tend to do, but I must say this: “Just wait until you have grandchildren!” You will see what I mean.

Are you a grandmother?

What do they call you?

Do you have stories to share about being a grandparent? Please share with me in the comments section below. I will love hearing from you!

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