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I was the least likely person to become a ministry wife if you had asked my high school class mates. Yet at the age of 20, I found myself married to a youth pastor. He was so dreamy and I couldn’t believe he had fallen in love with me. My teenage year’s testimony is a story for another time, but those years of wayward living left a huge gap in my heart as I tried to figure out how I would fit into ministry life.

I had grown up as a deacon’s kid and you know what they say about “those” kids! Yep. I was one of those kids who grew up in church, having a form of godliness and trying to keep up with all of the rules, how to be a good person, and hoping I had done well enough to make it into heaven when one day when I was “like one hundred or so”.

It’s sad, but true; many of us grow up hoping our good works are enough without trusting God’s… Click To Tweet

Relying on works was the spring board for my first steps in ministry as a youth pastor’s wife. I seriously did not know what was expected of me as a staff wife who worked full time to support her husband’s seminary years. Then the babies began to come and Mike was called to a full time position. I became a stay at home mom navigating the days and nights of endlessness that comes when you have three children in four years, all the while trying to be a good wife to my husband and helper in his ministry with the youth.

I needed sleep and grace (in that order) and not more things to do during those years. I was a mess and the only thing left for me to do was confess to the Lord my overwhelming feelings of not enough and being a fake when it came to being a ministry leader.

My Family_Fall_2015

My Family_Fall_2015

In my overwhelmed state of mind, I confessed that I was tired and felt out of place. I knew I needed the Word of God to seriously work in my heart, soul and mind, but did not know how to make Bible reading fit into my busy life as a young mother. I even confessed that I did not like to read the Bible. So I did the only thing I knew to do: I asked God to give me a love for His word and to comfort my overwhelmed heart.

Guess what? He DID IT!! Before I knew what had happened, I was in love with the Word of God and His love for me. I found on the pages of scripture the grace my guilty soul needed and peace came like a flood of refreshing deep into the secret places I had tried to hide from God. His grace is sufficient and it is enough.

Mike and I have now been in ministry together for more than twenty-five years and our sons are all grown up. We are newly empty nesters navigating a new adventure in our marriage and ministry. I now have the privilege to reflect back to see what God has taught me in our challenges, joys, frustrations and blessings of ministry.

I’ve learned some things. And God has whispered to me personal instruction on how to conduct my life, marriage and ministry:

Take your place on your face.
Embrace your place.
Be passionate for people.

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About De Anna Morris

De Anna is a pastor’s wife and ministry leader serving in various avenues in the church and community of Oak Pointe Church in Pelzer, SC. De Anna seeks to encourage and inspire others to Know, Live and Share God’s Love through The Word, Worship and Prayer. She has been married to Mike for 26 years and has the privilege of having three now grown sons and a daughter-in-love who are the absolute joy of her heart. De Anna enjoys great coffee while listening to the birds from the deck early in the mornings, the sound of the waves on the sea and leading others to worship through the Word and Song. Her blog is http://www.deannamorris.org/SimplyLife/
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