We are fast approaching June, the wedding month of the year. Countless couples are busy picking out dresses, tuxedos, cakes, photographers, videographers, venues and every detail associated with their wedding and reception. And let’s not forget the wedding showers, bridal luncheons and bachelor and bachelorette parties.

All this preparation becomes a stressful season to produce that magical wedding every girl dreams of. There are times, I’m sure, when they wonder if all the stress and worry is worth it.

Most girls do have an idealistic view of the long-dreamed-of wedding day. However, once the planning starts and reality sets in, compromises usually have to be made that push the dream back into dreamland.

The same often goes for the marriage.anncooke askgodtodayministries 050916 weddings pixabayhawaii-731065_1280

Brides and grooms will marry and go off on a luxurious, well-planned honeymoon only to come back to a married life not knowing how in the world they are going to live with each other. Reality hits them in the face as they find out their bride or groom is not as perfect as they thought. Each one wants things their way. Compromise must happen, but who is going first?


I know, I’ve been there. I have been married to the love of my life for almost thirty-nine years, but I remember feeling a bit let down when I realized our life wasn’t perfect. It wasn’t the ideal life of no worries. We still had problems. Both of us had brought along baggage that should have been unpacked before we married.


We did one thing wrong; we went into our marriage blind, with no idea what to expect.


God intervened through my mother-in-law. She encouraged us to come to church with her. We did, and I met Jesus shortly after we were married.


Getting to know God’s love for me made me realize
my husband wasn’t my savior from all my sins and problems.
Jesus was!
I was putting my new husband in a position he could not fulfill.”


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Jesus says in Luke 14:28:
“ …who would begin construction of a building without first calculating the cost to see if there is enough money to finish it?”


The same principle is applicable to marriage. Anyone planning to marry must look at the total cost and commitment, not just at the start, but for the years ahead. Times change. People change. Will you be able to handle it? What if the vow of “for better, for worse” turns out for the worse? Or the “for richer, for poorer” promise turns out to be the latter? There must be a plan in place to prepare your reactions. And there must be a calm knowing that your spouse will be there for you no matter what comes. This is true marriage.

I highly recommend premarital counseling.

 anncookeaskgodtodayweddinspixabaybefore-541433_1280It will help couples map out a plan for finances, children, jobs, family, communication, etc. This helps when those pesky storms pop up and ruin the smooth sailing enjoyed for a time. And, most importantly, a Christian counselor will also help assure a couple’s united devotion to God, striving ever towards Him.

The best reason to marry is because the two can better serve God better together than apart. Click To Tweet

Mike and I did not have counseling before we married, but we did have our church family who loved us and gave us good advice, the best of which was to put Jesus FIRST. With God’s love, our love has matured into a lasting love helping us weather the various storms of life that inevitably come.


Are you planning a wedding?


Do you have a plan for your marriage?  Let me know about your different plans or what has or has not worked for you in the comments section below.


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