anncooke askgod today what kind of christian flower are you pixabayframe-1303109_1920I absolutely love springtime. The earth seems so eager to show off what was hidden during winter. Now the rains have come, softening the ground, allowing the tender shoots to make their entrance. Blooms are now popping up all over.

Even driving down my neighborhood street is a treat for me. I get to take in all the beautiful dogwood trees, cherry trees, azaleas, and tulips that adorn the various lawns as I wind through the curves and hills.

anncooke AGTM PERENNIALS OR ANNUALS PIXABAYdogwood-blossoms-380637_1920

There are two kinds of plants and flowers, perennials and annuals.

Perennials die back in the fall and go dormant during the winter. Then they faithfully poke their heads through the soil and make a glorious appearance year after year. Flowering trees are in this group with their buds blossoming year after year.


Annuals, however, are not as hardy. They need to be re-planted each year. Their blooms are beautiful, but only for a season. When the cold temperatures come they wither and die, never to come back.




This makes me think of how we as Christians sometimes are.


Sometimes we are perennials. We are faithful in attending worship services, teaching in Sunday school, volunteering in VBS, and inviting others to learn about this great salvation we have. We weather the cold because of our hardy roots in Jesus Christ that have been tried and tested time after time. And we come back after times of drought and cold even stronger and producing more blooms.

ANNCOOKE AGTM whatkindof christian flower are you pixabaytulip-1031514_1920

This type of Christian is of strong faith. No, not perfect, but resilient because he has weathered the storms of life with Jesus as his  always-present helper. He leans on Him and His word in the tough times and makes no apologies for it. (Isaiah 40:8) This is the one God uses time after time for tasks small and great for he is a ready and willing vessel.


Sometimes we are annuals. We show up in all our “blooms” but only for a while. When life gets uncomfortable we die down and quit. Our roots are not strong enough to weather the cold and drought so we must be plucked up and replaced with others. (Luke 9:62)

ANNCOOKE AGTM what kind of christian flower are you pixabayflowers-1117868_1920

This type of Christian  has good intentions but doesn’t follow through. He may be young in his faith, not having been tested and seen the helping hand of God. His communication with God may only be the prayers he says in church. His church attendance is sporadic, which results in lack of worship. Lack of worship can severely cripple a Christian’s life and can cause us to worship something else, mainly ourselves.  (Hebrews 10:25)



I want to be one that my God can depend on. I don’t want to be plucked up and replaced by someone who will do the job intended for me. I don’t want to sporadically look to my Savior in awe and worship, I want to do it consistently. After all, He died for me.

Jesus Christ provided His blood to redeem me. He gave His all for me; what more can I give Him… Click To Tweet

What kind of Christian do you want to be?

Have you found yourself being an “annual” at times?

(I have)

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