What to Do with the Cross

The Cross of Christ changed everything. From the timeline of history to the timelessness of our souls, the cross divides the before and after. At the Cross we find ourselves before the God of creation and the Lord of all. We will leave the foot of the Cross in a moment that changes everything, whether or not we say “Yes” or “No” to the gift of His life. The Cross changes everything.

Hunky Hubby and I recently saw the movie Risen and three quotes stood out to me.

“Where is the NAZARENE!” ~Pilate

“This changes everything.” ~one of the disciples

“I am already free.” ~Mary Magdalene

The unfolding of this dramatic view of the Cross and the resurrection of Christ as seen through the eyes of the Roman centurion bring the realization of our own journey when it comes to facing the God of the universe in the here and now of our living and the Son that He gave.

We must answer the question “Where is the Nazarene?” If our answer is “He is dead, and there is no God,” then we are, sadly, missing the most life-changing, perfect love that could ever be found. His love is unlike any other and is unlike our love of pizza, pets, material possessions, and our mothers.

His love is more penetrating than any nine-inch nail, stronger than any seal of disapproval for politics or policies, deeper than a black hole in a galaxy far away. His love changes everything.

What have you done with the Cross? 

The Cross changes our access to God the Father. It changes our call to love, forgive, to reach out and welcome. The Cross secures our eternity and our identity in Christ.

We can know with certainty that having “nothing to fear but fear itselfis untrue because “perfect love casts out fear” (1 John 4:8). Fear is no longer our reality because faith rises up, like a shield, standing against looming impossibilities. Even though we die, we get to live! (John 11:25)

Faith believes, trusts, hopes, waits, moves boldly forward, yet knows when to rest in His peace… Click To Tweet

Boldness overtakes anxiety and firmly declares:


The Cross changes everything! We are no longer unwanted, ashamed, slaves, unworthy, unloved, or not enough. Our hope, our youth, our joy, and strength are renewed. Our weakness is made perfect and our sin is far removed—east to west removed, and the only way it can ever find us is if we choose it again.

Our past, cast away, will never find us guilty, only redeemed. Click To Tweet

The Cross makes us pure, innocent, holy saints of God.


When we say “Yes” to the Cross of Christ, we live, love, and forgive. We welcome others and we give because God gave. We lay down our lives daily to follow Him knowing that He has set us free.

Have you been changed by the Cross of Christ? Do you still struggle with a past that keeps finding you guilty instead of free?

I would love to hear your story! Feel free to contact me or leave a comment below.



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