A Part of God’s Family

A Part of God’s Family

Have you ever felt truly loved? I’m not talking about the emotionally charged love-at-first-sight kind of love but the kind where you know the other person truly has your best interest in mind. The kind of love that stands with you through thick and thin. The kind of love you see in a mama bear protecting her cub.

When I was a child I knew my parents loved me even when I was being stubborn or misbehaving. I messed up a lot, but I knew they still loved me unconditionally.

In a perfect world, all children should feel that kind of love from their parents.

I’m not a perfect parent. I make mistakes. My children realize I’m not perfect and yet they know I love them despite my imperfections.

My parents were wonderful parents, but they were not perfect either. However, I still knew they loved me even when they made mistakes.

Our world isn’t perfect. Every parent here on earth is a sinner. (Romans 3:10, 23) That includes you and me.

But guess what… (more…)

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