Here we are at the beginning of a New Year and everyone is making the same resolve they did last year. Myself included.

Did you achieve your goals of health and wellness last year?

I didn’t either. You are not alone.

So, I find myself wondering why I can’t seem to care for my body, the place where the Spirit of the Living God lives inside me allowing me to move and breathe and have my being?

Psalm 56:4_Bible ImageI could list out for you all of my excuses, but realistically speaking, there are none that you haven’t heard or even have yourself and the bottom line (no pun intended) is there is no excuse when it comes to taking care of our bodies to the best of our abilities.

We are living in a culture that bombards us with the best health and fitness options, equipment, exercises, diet plans and resources all promising the same thing… fast, easy weight loss!!!

News Flash:

Nothing is for free and none of these gimmicks work. If they did, there would not be a new product, advertisement, program and plan every other day!!!

You know I’m right. I know I’m right. So what do we do?

I have been thinking about my own health and wellness goals. My goal is simple:

Live Life Well, while I am LIVING.

Live Well. Be Well. But how?

May I offer 3 easy steps that will blow your mind!!

Healthy You_3 Easy Stepy


My goal is to Live Life Well, while I am LIVING. Click To Tweet

That’s it. The end.

I believe as I approach my health and wellness from the mindset of one who has been given one life to live and God desires for me to honor Him and to serve Him faithfully until He calls me home, I will stop participating in unhealthy habits and begin to embrace healthy ones.  AND I will stop procrastinating!!!

This is what I believe.

This is not how I have been living (sigh).

Thankfully, God gives grace and mercy and renews my heart, soul, mind and strength with His Word.

So I am offering this idea to you and I am taking my own advice this New Year!!!

I will invest in quality time in the Word of God and will ask Him to teach me wisdom in the secret places of my heart so that I can walk out this life that I have been given to the best of my ability in His strength. As an overflow, I plan to honor Him in the area of my health and wellness beginning with these 3 Easy Steps.

Here’s to your health!!!

 Do you have positive health goals this year?

Please share your health tips and goals with us in the comments. Let’s encourage each other in our journey to better health.

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De Anna is a pastor’s wife and ministry leader serving in various avenues in the church and community of Oak Pointe Church in Pelzer, SC. De Anna seeks to encourage and inspire others to Know, Live and Share God’s Love through The Word, Worship and Prayer. She has been married to Mike for 26 years and has the privilege of having three now grown sons and a daughter-in-love who are the absolute joy of her heart. De Anna enjoys great coffee while listening to the birds from the deck early in the mornings, the sound of the waves on the sea and leading others to worship through the Word and Song. Her blog is
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