On video today we have the first children’s story I have ever written. I wanted to share this video story of Squeaky with you before Christmas or at least on Christmas Day, but I have been sick. So I am sharing it today. I hope you and your children enjoy it.

I have dedicated this story to my sweet two little granddaughters, Evie and Savannah! I love them to pieces.

Our team hopes that you and your family had a wonderfully blessed Christmas! 

Squeaky in The Box      
by Brenda McGraw

Squeaky, the little white mouse, had a big red smile on his face as he anticipated Christmas. He was hiding in a small, red velvet stocking, peeking out over its white fur and gazing at all his Christmas friends who would hang on the tree with him,

Squeaky was an ornament. All the ornaments anxiously waited each year for the beginning of the jolliest season of all. It was Squeaky’s favorite time of the year.

SqueakyintheboxThe little mouse had been packed away in a black velvet box between the other ornaments. It was finally time for him to come out and be placed on the big, beautiful green Christmas tree. The tree was lit up with bright colored and white lights and Squeaky loved its piney smell.

All the ornaments knew when Christmas was getting closer because it started cooling off in the attic. The summers were long and hot as they lay stored away each year, but excitement built among them when it became cold in the attic, because they knew it was time for Christmas!

Squeaky was charming. All the other ornaments loved him because he always had a smile on his face.



He loved Christmas because he knew he would be touched by the little children in the house and seen by others. Being around the excitement of Christmas and family made him happy. Squeaky looked forward to seeing Santa Claus arrive on Christmas Eve. He adored hearing all the Christmas and Bible stories about Jesus.

Thinking back to his old home, he remembered living with the sweet lady who bought him. He was sad when he heard of her death. The sweet lady’s daughter decided she would take him and some of his friends to her house. Sadly, however, some of his old friends got thrown away, and some of them were sold in a yard sale.

Now he lived with the sweet lady’s daughter and her husband, her son Johnny, and Johnny’s little sister. Squeaky loved Johnny and all his energy at Christmas time.

Saturday came, the day to start decorating the tree. Squeaky and his friends waited to be chosen. All the other ornaments sparkled and shined and were beautiful, but not Squeaky.

Silver Sara shined.

The gold and red cross called Grace sparkled.CrossSqueaky







Rhonda was crimson and shatterproof.



The little white mouse was different. He didn’t sparkle or shine. He was older and had dulled.

Squeaky knew he might get put on the back of the tree, but thought, “It’s okay. I don’t need attention.” His highest hope was just to be chosen, and maybe someone would notice him.

All the ornaments were laid out on the table and Johnny, his baby sister, and his mommy started gathering the ornaments one by one.

“All my friends keep getting chosen and marveled over and placed on the front of the tree for everyone to see, but I keep getting passed over,” said Squeaky.

The little white mouse waited.

Then, all of a sudden, somebody picked him up. Johnny came over, looked inside Squeaky’s box, and with excitement said, “Look, Mommy. Why don’t we put this one on the tree?”

His mother said, “I see, Johnny; that was my mother’s ornament.” She kept right on placing the ornament hangers on the sparkling ornaments. Johnny held Squeaky up and said, “Let’s hang this on the tree, Mommy! Can we?”

His mother was silent.

So Johnny decided he would put the ornament on the tree. He picked up the white mouse inside the red stocking, carefully placed a metal hanger on it, and stuck it right on the very front of the tree.

His mother saw what Johnny did and said, “I think that ornament would look better on the back of the tree.” She took the little mouse off where Johnny had placed it and walked around to the back of the tree. “Why don’t you place this one here?”

Johnny said, “No, Mommy. I want this ornament on the front of the tree so I can see him every day. This little ornament is special.”

His mother thought the ornament was old and not as pretty as her other ones, so she didn’t want it in the front. She attempted to talk Johnny out of it and handed him another ornament, moving him towards the front of the tree with it. Squeaky was left on the back where he ended up every year, but thought, “At least I get to be on the tree; some of the ornaments are left in the box. Some of my friends got left behind.”

The night before Christmas, when all was quiet in the house, Johnny snuck in and moved Squeaky to the front of the tree, where he could see Santa Claus along with all of the other ornaments.

Finally, it was Christmas day! Johnny was thrilled when he woke up. He eagerly ran to get his parents to come see what Santa Claus had brought him and his little sister. Noticing that Squeaky was missing, he said, “Mommy, where is my ornament? How come you moved it again?” His mother silently sighed.

“Mommy, can I please move him to the front of the tree?”

“Okay, Johnny,” she said. “It’s Christmas day. I’ll let you.”

So Johnny moved Squeaky back to the front of the tree at about two feet high, right at Johnny’s eye level.

Excited, Johnny started jumping around, looking at all that Santa Claus had brought him.

Squeaky&GoldGloriaGloria was gold and shining on the front of the tree, big, brilliant, and beautiful. Squeaky says, “I am so excited, even though nobody really notices me and nobody really cares about me.”

Gloria replied, “Squeaky, I care about you.”

Squeaky blushed and smiled.

“I sometimes feel forgotten, too,” said Squeaky “But I know Johnny cares for me too”

“Johnny loves me even though I’m not pretty. I’m not shiny,” he said. “Even though I’m not always at the front of the tree.”

The story of Squeaky in the Box reminds us of how much God loves us. We look at man’s outside appearance, but God looks at us from the inside.

Whether we shine on a daily basis at the front of the crowd, or live life behind the scenes where only He sees us, God loves us.
Regardless of whether we get chosen first or not chosen at all, He still loves and chooses us.

Regardless of our color or beauty, God loves us.

We can be like the little ornament named Squeaky and be content where God has placed us. We can trust that He sees us.

God loves me and God loves you!

Merry Christmas from Brenda, Squeaky
and all the ornaments. 
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What is your favorite ornament? How did this story speak to you? Please leave us a comment.


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