You Can Be Happy

You Can Be Happy

“Happy” Thanksgiving! 


What if you don’t feel happy today? I understand.

I have felt unhappy before.

I remember my first Thanksgiving at home without my children’s father living with us. It didn’t feel like a happy time.

I have however, felt happiness as well. The next year, choosing to not sit home without him, my children and I headed to Florida to spend Thanksgiving with my parents and family. I made a choice to find joy beyond (more…)

25 Often Forgotten Gifts to Be Thankful For This Season of Harvest and Beyond

25 Often Forgotten Gifts to Be Thankful For This Season of Harvest and Beyond

By Ann Cooke

Every year as Thanksgiving approaches I, along with most people, tend to start listing mentally or physically the things I am thankful for. Even those on social media are encouraging friends to join in this Thanksgiving spirit.

And that is a good thing. We are called to be thankful in Ephesians 5:20.

There are many obvious things for which to be thankful; life, jobs, family, salvation, health, etc. But this year and hopefully for many years to come, God has called me to remember some little and seldom thought of things that cannot be left off the list. (more…)

Want Freedom From Want? Thank God Today

Want Freedom From Want? Thank God Today

Today, we would like to introduce you to our friend Emily Gehman. She has written a powerful and thought provoking guest post today! Tell her what you think and share your thoughts in the comments section below.

Here’s Emily:

Want Freedom From Want? Thank God Today

by Emily Gehman

A few years ago, my brother gifted our parents with a painting by Norman Rockwell called “Freedom From Want.” It depicts a family sitting down to Thanksgiving dinner: Dad stands as Mom presents the perfectly golden turkey; brothers and sisters laugh; aunts and uncles chatter across the table while one family member glances back toward the viewer contentedly.

“Freedom From Want” hangs on our wall now, reminding us we truly have no real wants.

But I find it interesting, ironic perhaps, and a little sickening at how quickly we forget our true freedom from want. Sometimes I wonder if we are not entirely free from it but in bondage to it.

Partner with Ask God Today and Do Some Christmas Shopping!

Partner with Ask God Today and Do Some Christmas Shopping!

STARTS TODAY! Would you consider partnering with Ask God Today — plus you can get a little Christmas shopping done…?

But first, we want to thank you for already being a vital part of our ministry! We would like to expand who/how we reach you and we need a little help.

Ask God Today Ministries is kicking off our first fundraiser to help raise money for…

Wait for it…

A Women’s conference in Summer 2016! We have a desire to minister to ALL women, ALL generations, and ALL cultures. With YOUR support you can help make this a possibility. 

The details are still coming together, but part of those details is in the numbers. We have to raise money for the many expenses, or the conference will not be possible.

How YOU can help

It’s easy to support Ask God Today by doing a little Christmas shopping online! And tell your friends-there are tons of great, cute products over at MixedBag.


If you would like to help, follow this link (or share it) , and shop! Make sure you see our number (507243) in the Fundraiser ID# so we get credit!

You can also add the referring participant’s name to give them credit for the sale!

The fundraiser is running for a limited time–from November 18-December 2. We were told all items should ship on or before December 16.

So, get shopping and help Ask God Today reach our goal for conference budget!

You can check out some of the reusable bags in this video:

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We appreciate your help and support! 

If you have any questions or would just like to donate please ask us in the comments. Thank you. 

Brenda and the AGTM Team 

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