Lucie Winborne Speaks Out

Lucie Winborne Speaks Out

Interview with Lucie Winborne


Brenda: Hello everybody, I am with Ask God Today Ministries, and today I am so excited to introduce you to Lucie Winborne. Lucie is amazing. We just love Lucie so much. You know all the posts that go out with Ask God Today—Lucie edits them for us. So she enhances our work; she makes us sound a little more grammatical than we are sometimes. She catches our mistakes and she’s just amazing, so we are so thankful for you, Lucie.

I just want to open up and introduce you and ask you a couple of questions so that our readers and our followers can get to know you, because they don’t see you a lot; you’re not out in the forefront, you’re not writing a lot of posts for us, but you are involved with all of them, and so thank you for what you do for Ask God Today.

First I want to ask you a little bit about how you were called to write and to edit.

Lucie: Well, the call to write is funny—somebody asked me about that (more…)

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