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Hey Ya’ll!! I am one of the contributing writers with Ask God Today Ministries.  I answered God’s call to be a writer and speaker of His truth in love while using my spiritual gifts of exhortation and teaching 4-5 years ago. I have known Brenda McGraw, the founder of Ask God Today Ministries for a little over a year and a half. Brenda and I met at the church we attend in, South Carolina, Summit Church. She is an amazing writer, speaker, and leader. I am so grateful for how the Lord has chosen to use her for His glory in my life, and in the lives of many others.

If you have been following our posts over the past several months you may have gotten glimpses of my testimony. If you are new to Ask God Today Ministries I want to share a little more about the journey God has called me on through Jesus Christ.

I was raised by one very devoted Christian, and one who was a believer but struggled with alcohol. I was saved as an eight year old, and we attended a few legalistic churches as I grew up. Despite my mother’s best efforts to raise a godly child I lived most of my walk as a wayward believer. I spent years of my life rejecting what abundant life Christ came to give me, and exhausting my own resources in the flesh to get my needs met apart from Him.

This continued even after my father was redeemed from the grip of alcohol. I also battled greatly through my years and early adult life with extreme depression and anxiety. Most people would find that shocking because I always presented myself as a happy joyous person. I believe the Lord allowed me to struggle through such deep depression and anxiety to reveal that there was more to being a Christian than showing up to church and praying.  

KaitlynPianellaProfileI am a walking, talking, living, breathing testimony of how God can redeem and restore any of your past mistakes and failures and how He is faithful in pursuing a real relationship with you. I hope that any praying mothers, grandmothers, aunts, siblings and friends of a “wayward” Christian is encouraged by my life verse.


My very first scripture I committed to memorizing was 2 Corinthians 5:7.

I walk by faith and not by sight. Click To Tweet

I used to be scared of the dark and would recite that scripture over and over while I ran up the stairs to my parents’ bedroom. As I look over my life despite the hardships I see God’s hand. There have been many times throughout my life that I have been scared. I spent the majority of my childhood in fear and my battle with anxiety began as a teen. I am a military wife of a Staff Sergeant, and I spent eight months of my firstborn’s life raising him while my husband was in Afghanistan. I have no idea what future trials are to come, but by faith I choose to walk in Christ and not be stricken by fear of the unknown.  

Some other things you may not know about me;

I am rather boring! I come home every night and watch Fox News. I am rather basic.  My favorite movie is so cliche,’ “The Notebook.”  Again, so basic.

Seriously the most exciting thing about me is that Christ lives in me, and I get to partake in this life and the rest of eternity with Him!

I pray you all spend the next day or week meditating on my life verse despite your current circumstance. Choose to live today by faith 2 Corinthians 5:17.

I walk by faith and not by sight.

Do you have a story of a time you walked by faith and are glad you did? Please leave in the comments.

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Kaitlyn Grant is a busy young woman after God’s own heart. She is a South Carolina native who enjoys the daily adventures the Lord guides her through as she is conformed more to the image of His Son. Her adventures include changing her toddler Ivey, while chasing her preschooler Titus, and wrangling her English Springer Spaniel Banjo. She works as a Cosmetologist Instructor, owns and operates her own Beauty Salon and is a Blogger with Ask God Today Ministries. Kaitlyn is confident in her purpose to speak Gospel truth in love into women of all ages using her God given witty sense humor and her spiritual gifts of exhortation, shepherding, and teaching. She is a board member of the nonprofit organization Mission Pura Vida that was created to support ministries that advance God’s Kingdom in Costa Rica. As much as she loves ministering in Costa Rica she is found regularly loving and serving her area of accountability. You can find Kaitlyn blogging at and Facebook: Twitter:
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