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Why Does God Allow Disasters?
by Dwayne Morris

Have you ever found yourself avoiding the morning news? Maybe you have had enough of the gloom and doom the media prioritizes during the daily broadcasts of what is going on around the globe.

One media outlet even begins its morning broadcast with a 90-second recap of the previous news developments within the last 24 hours. In 90 seconds you can learn about explosions in China, wildfires in California, a tornado in Oklahoma, and innocent victims getting shot and killed in Small Town, USA. Those few seconds can utterly ruin the start of your day.

We can get so overwhelmed, we start to wonder, “Why would God allow all of this tragedy and disaster?”

That is a fair question. Most people have an understanding that God is a loving God. So the reality of tragedy and disaster almost contradicts His loving nature. We say, “Why would a loving God allow such bad things to happen?” The answer rest less in understanding God and more in understanding ourselves as we relate to God.

A quick glance at Genesis 1 reminds us that God created everything and then capped it off in verse 31 with, “God saw all that he had made, and it was very good.” (Genesis 1:31)

God made flowersGod made it ALL: the sun, flowers, tornadoes and earthquakes and they were all “good.” In fact, He created the laws of nature that regulate the living conditions here on Earth. In sort of a backwards way, natural disasters are part of God’s plan for keeping the planet alive.

The unfortunate component arrises when those natural disasters intersect with good people who became victims of something they had no way to avoid or resist.

The sting of tragedy and disaster is most recognized when it makes a personal impact on our lives; when someone dear to us dies from cancer or loses their life in an accident. Or even when it is not those we love the most, but just our fellow humans who happen to be in the wrong place at the wrong time when someone decides to end the lives of total strangers. The shock of it all leaves us wondering, “Where is God and why has He allowed this bad event to happen to good people?”

In order to begin reconciling the confusion in our heart and mind in the face of tragedy and disaster, we must first look at all of life through a divine perspective. We have to resist the temptation to ask, “Why would God not just wipe out all of the bad stuff in the world?” The answer might surprise you.

If God followed that strategy and wiped out all the bad stuff in five seconds, none of us would be alive in six. Why, you ask? Because we are included in the “bad stuff” of life. Ecclesiastes clarifies this for us: “Surely there is not a righteous man on earth who does good and never sins.” (Ecclesiastes 7:20)

Part of the loving nature we assign to God includes a just and right standard.

Just like parents who love their children enough to discipline them when they disobey, there must be consequences for the human race as we relate to God. Our human nature, outside of God’s grace, compels us to do things our way and thus we experience the broad consequences of those choices. alone-62253_1920 - pixabay depressionConsequences such as the drunk-driver crossing the center line and killing the family of four on the way home from vacation, the poison of cancer in the body of an unborn child, and the tornado that destroys a town in the middle of nowhere.

The answer to the question, “Why does God allow disaster?” is hard to accept.

He allows them because He loves us too much to let us continue on our own way. One author I read once stated that the better question would be “Why does God allow good things to happen to bad people?” To pursue that answer would lead you to a greater understanding of God’s grace and His desire to know each of us in a personal way.

Has God allowed tragedy in your life in which you have had a hard time accepting? If you will let us know in the comments, we will pray for you.

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