“I thought I could trust him.” Have you ever said that?

People can disappoint and hurt us. We think we know them and can trust them, but find out later how naïve we really were. In our own mind we contemplate ideas of how we can change them, but in reality we really have no control. We can’t control or change them at all. They don’t seem to see things the way we see them.

There are many reasons people are untrustworthy.

  • Addiction:

    Walking through addiction or alcoholism with someone reveals this in many ways. Addictions come in different forms: drugs, alcohol, cigarettes, pornography, gambling, sex, overeating, overworking, overspending, and many more, I am sure. When addiction grabs hold of someone you love, it sucks everyone who has any part of their life into it. The one addicted believes that it isn’t hurting anyone but himself or herself, but this is far from true.

  • Mental health or mood swings: 

    People are diagnosed daily with mental health problems and it can cause issues for anyone who loves them.

  • Habitual liar:

    Do you know someone who truly doesn’t know when they are telling a lie or telling the truth? You’ve heard it said, “If they are talking, they are lying.”

  • Walking through life without the Lord:

    Anytime someone has not yet accepted the Lord, there is a tendency to err on the side of thinking they are good enough. They may think there are a whole lot of people who do worse things then they do. Yet, not understanding that God sees sin as sin. No one sin is worse than another in His eyes. They can justify their actions by saying, “I don’t murder or commit adultery so I must not be all that bad. I try to live a good life.”

Many times distress comes because someone else is not doing what we want them to do. No matter how hard we try, we can’t make them see or do something our way or the right way. We might have to detach ourselves from the person or situation in order to find peace and joy.

We need to be picky about whom we allow in our life and whom we allow to hold our heart. We need to guard our heart because it truly is the wellspring of life. When our heart gets hurt, we start crumbling.

Whom can you depend on?

The only one who can pick you up when your heart is aching and disappointed is Jesus. He is trustworthy and dependable.

People will disappoint us, but God never will. If God is disappointing you, it’s because He has a different plan for you than you have for yourself. He sees things in your future that you don’t yet see. I had to learn that God truly is dependable by walking with Him daily. I would pray for something and sometimes it would happen the way I asked and sometimes God showed me a better way. He has to teach us lessons at times.

Why does family hurt us at times?lonely-604086_1920 -pixabay

Remember the story of Joseph being thrown into the pit? Who did this to him? His own brothers. Usually we think we can depend on family, but sometimes we later realize they are not even dependable. We then get disappointed in them and it can cause a family separation, just like it did for Joseph.

Children everywhere leave their families because they don’t like their parents’ rules. They leave on bad terms and it can take years for the family to reconnect.

Sometimes we have to make a decision. Which is more important, the relationship or being right?

Joseph forgave his brothers and later even helped his family during a famine in the land. His trust was not in people because he had learned that people will disappoint you. His trust was in the Lord. He had learned through many hard years and even hopeless situations that God can be trusted. God continued to show him favor and give him success throughout his life.

We might be faced with a close friend or family member who has brought some heartache into our life. We can love them through this season, but sometimes that love might have to be from a distance. We don’t have to continually set ourselves up to be disappointed or hurt.

If you are walking with the Lord, you can trust Him and depend on Him to show you favor and success throughout your life, as He did for Joseph. Remember, He sees your future and His plans are for your good and not to harm you.

“You intended to harm me, but God intended it all for good. He brought me to this position so I could save the lives of many people.” — Joseph (Genesis 50:20)

couple-789824_1280 - pixabay

Depending on people and depending on the Lord is different. Why do you feel like it is hard to depend on the Lord? Leave a comment and I will pray for you.

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