By Ann Cooke

rose-bloom-320842_1280When I think of the month of May, I automatically think of Mother’s Day. The freshness of the month lends itself to being the perfect backdrop to celebrate mothers, for it’s in this month that the spring flowers showcase their blooms.

I just love flowers! Daisies, daffodils, tulips, irises and roses are some of my favorites. Seeing these spring up in the neighborhood yards thrills my soul. My mother also loved flowers. She would have us kids outside with her, tending to her flowers and yard. I must have gotten her “green thumb,” for I find myself wanting to be outside planting and tending to my flowers rather than being inside cleaning house! (Please don’t judge me.) Mom was known by her beautiful bearded irises and giant hollyhocks, which she entered in the county fair every year. I’m not sure how many times she won, but that’s not what she grew them for, anyway. She just enjoyed their sheer beauty and wanted others to enjoy them as well.

The flowers of May are various and vibrant against the blue sky and the lush green grass of spring. They seem to beckon to you as you go on your way. And who hasn’t been uplifted by a bouquet when times have gotten them down, or when a celebration was in order?

I see flowers as the crown of nature, adorning the Earth as a woman adorns herself with garments. Their delicacy and beauty reminds me what it says in Luke 12:27: how the lilies of the field are arrayed even more greatly than Solomon in all his glory.

As it is with flowers, so it is with mothers. They, too, are various and vibrant. Each has her own beauty and certain way about her that makes her, well—her! There are certainly no two alike! And just as flowers can make your day, mothers also have that special knack of knowing how to make their little boy or girl smile and laugh.

There is something about May flowers, though, that I don’t like. Too soon the hot summer sun is too much for them and they wilt to make way for the hardier flowers of the new season.

Some of us still get to smell the wonderful fragrance of our mother’s life. And that is indeed a blessing to enjoy. Yet some of us have lost the beautiful mothers who made such an impact on us. Memories of how they made a difference in our lives will hopefully inspire us to live in the same way: variously vibrant, beckoning to others, and bringing smiles to faces.

Some are seeing their mothers wilt with age, but this is a special time of life when the scent of a flower is sweetest.

Life on this earth is but a vapor, as we are told in James 4:14. So enjoy your mother while you can, for May flowers don’t last ’til December. However, we Christians are going to a far better place when we die. One with flowers that won’t fade. A line from one of my favorite songs, “Where the Roses Never Fade,” comes to mind: “Here they bloom but for a season; soon their beauty is decayed, but I am going to a city where the roses never fade.”

Won’t Heaven be a wonderful place? Jesus is preparing it for His followers to share with Him. Can’t you just imagine the flowers he has placed there?

What are your memories of your mother? Please share with us in the comments.

If your mother is still with you, make her feel extra special!
If your mother is in Heaven now, make sure you will join her there. I will be glad to help you if you aren’t sure.
If you are a mother, you are indeed blessed! Enjoy every minute of it!


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