by Anastacia Maness


A picture of Anastacia with her mother, Janie, taken by her father just a few years ago. 😉

“Mom, what does @%#!!! mean?” I asked as I entered the house after school.

There are certain things mothers just shouldn’t have to hear, especially from their young, just-learning-to-read child, and the word I blurted out was one of them.

“Where did you hear that?” my mom replied.

“It was written on the school bus window and the kid that wrote it wouldn’t tell me what it meant.”

My mom patiently explained to me that I should not say anything that I do not know the meaning of and then handed me a dictionary to look the word up.

Sadly, that wasn’t the last word I had to look up in my growing up years.

My dad was also very active and present in our lives, but my mother had a huge part in the lessons that were ingrained in me and my siblings to this day.

Right now I want to take a look at just four of the many lessons I learned from my mother.

My mother taught me manners.

I learned to be polite. To think before I spoke. She taught me to say “Please,” “Thank you,” “ma’am,” and “sir.”

I also learned proper etiquette on the phone, in social settings, and on special occasions.

My mother taught me to care for the people I love.

She would cover me with an extra blanket at night when it was cold. If there was something we needed, my mother would make sure we had it. My mother would always do with less in order to make sure we had plenty. She was quick to give us the things we needed and wanted.

My mother taught me commitment by example.

I never questioned my parents’ commitment to each other. I knew my mother would never leave my father. If there were ever a disagreement between them, I didn’t know it. They kept disagreements behind closed doors and resolved them quickly. I knew where my parents would be and never had to question whether they loved each other.

Mom was also committed to God. She and my father made sure we were in church with them. It didn’t matter what problems we had with any member of our church; we continued to faithfully attend every time the church doors were open.

My mother taught me how to pray.

She taught me that God is always with us and wants us to talk to Him. No prayer is too big or small for Him. God cares even about our bad hair days. He may not answer the way we think He should, but we can be sure that God will always do what is best for us.

My mother may not realize how much she actually taught me.

As mothers we often wonder how much our children are actually listening to what we say. It always brings a smile to my heart to hear my children quoting something I taught them that I thought they didn’t hear.

God gave special instructions to children to listen to their mothers.

Proverbs 1:8-9: “My son, hear the instruction of your father, And do not forsake the law of your mother; For they will be a graceful ornament on your head, And chains about your neck.”

Isn’t it a beautiful thing when a child obeys the rules we set for them? When we follow our parents’ instructions and rules they are like jewelry adorning us. We are made beautiful not only in our parents’ eyes but in God’s eyes as well.

Is there a lesson you were taught as a child that you still use today? What lesson do you hope your children or grandchildren will remember from you?

Please share with us in the comments. We love to hear from you!


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